Is divorce transmitted across generations due to psychological and social factors?

Divorce does run in the family and could be genetic, researchers have suggested.

The basic idea with an adoption design is that it gives you a lot of traction on the question of whether something (like divorce) runs in families due to genetic and environmental factors.

In the research, 19,715 adoptees – 52 percent of whom were male – had a similar divorce history as their biological parents but not their adoptive parents.

The scientists performed adoption analysis on 82,698 children, which revealed a significant environmental influence.

The study later concluded- “There was consistent evidence that genetic factors contributed to the inter-generational transmission divorce, but weaker evidence for a rearing environmental effect of it.”

The children of divorced parents are more likely to get divorced themselves because they see their parents struggling to manage conflict or lacking the necessary commitment, and they grow up to internalize that behavior and replicate it in their own relationships.

As per a study, kids of divorced parents are more likely to get separated as compared to those who grew up in two-parent families.

Genetic factors may be to blame because this link does not exist for adopted kids. Therapists say that bulk of evidence on why divorce runs in families points to the idea that growing up with divorced parents weakens the commitment to & the skills needed for marriage.



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