Wait a minute, are you ready or have made your mind to propose her?  Are you pretty sure you want to do this & spend rest of your life with her…

Look, it’s always better to first test whether your relationship is matured enough to get it to marriage or not!

And in order to do that, below i have listed 7 most important qualities your girl must have to be a great wife. Check it out whether she stand out on this test or not?


#1. She talks with you open-minded


Does she don’t hesitate to ask you even those weirdest questions? Whenever she talks about anything, she does it with a genuine intention to do justice & help you out! If she does it, she is a open-minded girl for sure.

She less or don’t believe in superstition & don’t comes to any decision against you listening others. In all she trust you that you’ll never do any wrong to her.

And she really deserves it, if a girl is so sensible & understandable there’s no chance a guy will ditch her. And by that she becomes a great contender to be a life partner.

#2. She respects you


It’s the basic need of every relationship. Well in most of the cases, in the beginning of a relationship both love each other but after some time, they begin disgracing each other & start fighting on every small things. And a relationship without respecting each other can’t last long.

But if your girlfriend understands you pretty well. If she don’t force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with , she don’t gets irritated easily even when you arrive late for a date knowing you may have got into some issues.

That means she respects you & is not afraid of giving you your space. She respects you as much as she respects herself, she’s a kind of girl you should stick to.



#3. She treats your family as her family


Would you like to be with a girl for your whole life who don’t respect your parents?

For how long will you be with your girlfriend, one day you have to present her in front of your parents. And if she behaved badly to them, how will they feel?

So, if your girl gets annoyed whenever you talk about your parents, she might not be the one. But if she respects them, gets excited whenever you talk about your parents, you’re lucky my friend as you can get a good wife who will make your life beautiful spreading love.



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#4. She’s intelligent


Sure girls love shopping & your girl too may be fond of it. But is she smart enough to do it only in a limit. Your lady should be smart enough to know the difference between necessity & liability.
So, is she clever enough to deal negotiations smartly, who’ll never buy anything unless it is needed. Then guess what, you got a smart lady, they’re rare to find. So, she can be your financially intelligent life-partner.


#5. You come out of stress talking to her


She always bring that smile on your face whenever you talk to her! You don’t feel any issue talking with her for hours. If it is so, chances are she might be of your type. Human beings stick to those peoples with whom they can relate & talk easily.

And in this case, if you too feel pretty comfortable with her, can express any situation with her without any hesitation. Then it’s pretty obvious you’re connected with her in true sense. And with that you can go for spending your life with her.



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#6. Supportive


Believe me Divorce will not be too far from marriage if she hardly comply with you in a situation. If she don’t agree with you in something that’s good for both of you then it’s a sign, there’s a large communication gap between you & her.

And in that condition, marriage may not be a great idea. This point isn’t a necessity as conflicts are in every relationships. This point only states, your relationship needs a bit more time to be mature so that you two can understand each other better.

So, give it that time. But if even after a while, things don’t work out, it’s better to avoid marriage as this will be good for both of you in long terms.


#7. Don’t demand change


It’s a real necesity to turn a relationship in marriage! There are two kind of affections, you can like someone or love someone & there’s a large difference between them.
If she likes you she might ask for a change she want in you, but if she loves you she will never ask you for a change. Because the reason she loves you for is what you are! That’s the difference between liking & loving someone.

But there’s one note, if she asks for a change which is good for you too, like quitting smoking, it’s a way better sign that she loves you. As she don’t wanna see you do anything wrong to yourself. She will be a great life partner for you & will always guide you on the right path.

These are few qualities you can check for, in your girlfriend before going for that marriage proposal. But don’t fully judge her on the basis of this article. It’s just a try to help you get a smart wife.

Maybe your girl lack some of the above listed qualities but this doesn’t mean she don’t love you. Take it your way, are you good spending your life with her. If it’s a yes from your side, confess it! Nothing matters more if you’re happy with her.


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