Your coffee has a lot more to tell you other than just helping you stay active! They have been with us for over 11 centuries & got some really interesting facts to share.

It’s the 2nd largest exported product after petrol, one of the most popular beverages all across the globe. And these are just some small facts about it.

Below i have listed 5 most amazing facts that you should definitely know about your coffee.





#1. Coffee is actually a fruit


Yes that’s true! It grows on tree. You may ask,’Then why do we call them beans?’. Well, the reason is unknown, maybe someone just named it accidentally.

But it’s for sure that they are actually seeds of a cherry like coffee fruit & not bean technically. But then there’s another question,’ If it’s a fruit, why don’t we call coffee a juice?’.

Well, the reason is coffee is extracted from the seeds of coffee plant not from it’s pulp!




#2. Just smelling coffee can wake you up


Maybe you love the way coffee tastes in the morning! But research says that even smelling roasted coffee in the morning can give you that jolt you need to shake off your sleep.

So, do this mean you can stay up in the morning without those alarms by just having a packet of roasted coffee beans?

Well, maybe! As i haven’t tried it yet, i can’t say it works. But you can try it out, if it works awesome! If not, you still have your regular coffee with you.




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#3. Webcams were specially developed for coffee


The first webcam with a 129 x 129 pixel greyscale image at 1 frame/sec was the first developed webcam. It was made in order to check the level of coffee in the coffee making machine.

It was developed by parehed academies as they wanted to solve a problem. Since in their office, coffee pot was located in the second floor & many researchers were working on different floors.

They often turn up to get some coffee from pot, only to find it had all finished.

So, in order to solve this problem Dr. Stafford Fraser with a friend decided to setup a camera & wire it to different floors. They thought in this way scientists will be able to have a look at the amount of coffee in the pot!


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#4. It can help you lose weight


What’s the reason you don’t feel sleepy after having a cup of coffee in the morning? The reason is, over night adenosine gets deposited in your brain but soon as you get yourself that coffee, they get metabolized & your brain gets active! So, coffee speeds up body metabolism.

And that’s the reason why many companies says that coffee can help lose weight rapidly. But the fact is it increases metabolism for a certain small period of time.

So, sure it can help you lose weight but don’t expect too much from it!



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#5. It can help you live longer


Coffee is a complex beverage, the material in coffee responsible for life enhancement is yet to be found! But it’s for sure that moderate consumption of coffee can help you increase your life span!

So, for all you coffee lovers, here’s a great thing to know! But it also has a bad side as nothing in excess can be good, so if you consume more than 3 cups of coffee a day it’s bad!

It can have a reverse result, it can reduce your life span by 7%. So, beware of it. Rather than that the fact that it helps live longer is true, evidenced by american health association.



From now, whenever you have your coffee don’t forget to keep these facts in mind!


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