Did you ever get goosebumps while listening to music? If yes, chances are you got a unique brain!


 As per an research, about half of us feel a tingling when we hear certain songs. It’s a sensation sometimes refered as a “skin orgasm,” but known as “frisson” in the scientific community.


Songs can also bring a lump to the back of our throat, send our heart rate up, and make our skin clammy. All interesting physical responses to something we’re arguably doing for pleasure. If you are in the few peoples this means that you are more likely having intense emotions. It has been proved, music can release those feel-good chemicals in the brain that helps keep us relax and positive too.


The researchers found that the brains of individuals who occasionally feel a chill while listening to music were wired differently than the control subjects. They had more nerve fibers connecting auditory cortex, the part of the brain that processes sound, to their anterior insular cortex, a region involved in processing feelings. The auditory cortex also had strong links to parts of the brain that may monitor emotions.
But it doesn’t matter what so ever is the logic, i think we all love to listen our favourite songs and that’s all that matter.

“Turn Up The Volume Close Your Eyes And Let The Music Take Over Your Soul”

So, do you have a special brain? Tell us below.

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