Confused with the number of perfume options available in the market. Well, you should be because the way an individual smells  may influence both self-perception and impressions formed by others. Moreover not every perfume is for you.

Everyone has a slightly different body odour, you have to match which perfume compliment it the most. You might think, i cannot go trying hundreds of perfume to find out which is good for me.

Ya really you don’t have to do it, because for that i have done a lot of research & finally been able to get you the top 5 Most Attractive, Seductive Yet Affordable Perfumes. These can go with any body odour thus end up making you smell immensely attractive but at the same time are affordable.

Okay so let’s begin the countdown:

#1. Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

It is a real sign of freshness. It has a classy smell and a pinch of erotic vibe makes it different from all other perfumes in the market. It’s a fresh out shower smell that’s really light & refreshing but also have a depth with the sandalwood & musk.




#2. Hugo Boss Hugo Xx for Women

The first his and her fragrances from HUGO, which embody the very spirit of the modern relationship. Ut’s a casual, gourmand & seductive fragrance dedicated to a mature & glamorous women. The version XX for women brings fruity notes, while the version XY gives an aromatic rhythm.





#3. Avon DAYDREAM Eau de Parfum 

A beautiful boutique in bottle. It’s an ideal day wear, contains Gardenia, Strawflower, Sandalwood giving it a soothing & beautiful girl smell. It’s the newest member of Today Tomorrow Always collection. It seems to have the nicest longevity you can get all day.




#4. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

It’s a award winning, best seller Bombshell fragrance you can get from Victoria’s Secret. It is a timeless mix of fresh-cut, exotic flowers and afternoon sun. Wearing a few sprays of it can’t let you unnoticed.




#5. Mirage for Women, Luxury French Eau De Parfum

The scent is warm and intense and brings to mind the image of real gold. Got floral, fruity, white floral, sweet, aquatic essence. 

The care that goes into picking of the roses and jasmine, for the intense heart of the perfume is truly seen in the quality of the fragrance in this price.







The order of numbering is random, they’re all equally awesome. It’s on you what you like.



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