Three of its Nordic cousins Norway, Denmark & Iceland, took the next three consecutive place but Finland is on top!

It is considered to be the most stable, the freest and the safest place to live on the planet by various organisations.

But the question is, in a country where temperatures always hover in negative and some parts hardly get any sunlight for a big chunk of the year, what do the locals have to be so happy about?

Well, in this article we’ll find out the reason why Finland people are the happiest population in the world-







People in Finland feel happy cause they know the essence of life can be pretty simple.

They just enjoy the simplicity of life and don’t greed for more, as what many nation craves for! Even though it’s most of the time snowing outside they don’t greed for hot cocoa. They are not fond of finding joy in cost pleasures.

Also, the relationships between people in Finnish society are simple – not competitive. This makes Finland the most friendly environment to live in!





Healthy Environment



The country which brought us saunas, which have an enormous range of benefits, such as detoxing, weight loss, blood circulation, and more can surely be a healthy place.
The unique combination of different talents makes it such a healthy nation. It includes digital talent, world-class bio-banks, isolated gene pool, extensive healthcare registries. So, it’s obvious, the place where such research are carried out have a great healthy environment too!

That’s why, The Bloomberg Global Health Index named Finland the second most healthiest nation after Italy, the healthiest country in the world. It was not too far behind!




Gender Equality



Finland don’t just rank third in the world for gender equality! But it’s also a country where women usually work full-time and enjoy equal access to education, healthcare & entertainment.
Women are pretty active to participate fully in the country’s political and economic life. Talking about the history, Finland was the first country to elect women to Parliament: 19 were elected to the 200-seat Parliament in 1907.

The success of Finland as a country is to a great extent linked with improvements in the status of women and gender equality.

That’s the reason why, Nowadays the parental leave is almost one year and is also used increasingly by fathers.




Least crime threatened




With the lowest number of deaths, level of violent crime and political terror in Finland are also the world’s lowest!

Of course you’re pretty much safe in Finland but as crime has its web all over the world! The capital Helsinki has its share of petty thieves during the busy summer travel season. Watch your wallet, and be careful at ATM machines other than this you’re good to go!

Except this few flaws Finland has the most personal freedom and choice, freedoms of speech, assembly and movement in Finland that helped it top the index.




Beauty Treasures


Finland’s nicknamed is the Land of a Thousand Islands. The nation boasts a few more than that; 179,584 to be exact, making it second only to Sweden in the global island ranking.

From the weird Northern Lights to 188,000 different lakes to awesome beaches, all makes Finland a pretty happening & fun place to enjoy!




Final words:



In every field such as GDP per person, social support, healthy-life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, and freedom from corruption. Finland has indexed top in all which helped it make to the top of the chart in happiness!

Following Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland were the other countries in the top five list of happiest nations.




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