From our childhood we have been taught to apologize for our tears, to suppress our anger, sensitivity is generally rare to praised. But the reality is that it’s no harm being sensitive rather you gain many benefits out of it. 

Being emotional/ sensitive is not really a monopoly for girls/ women. There is nothing bad or embarrassing about being emotional. Every person is unique and are psychologically different. 

Benefits of sensitivity come with an emotional cost. As emotions are a natural result of our interactions with reality.

The more in touch you are with reality, the more you have to process, and therefore the more emotions (sensations) you are likely to have. 

The point i want to make here is sensitivity is an incredible tool, the potential benefits of which we are going to know.

Apart from what other people think of sensitive individuals, there are some considerable advantages that come along with being a highly sensitive person. Let’s have a look at some of them.


#1. Even if you hurt them, they give you a 2nd chance



#2. Sensitive people are the most honest ones



#3. Their love is deep with their knowables



#4. They are the most genuine people to meet



#5. If you give them loyalty, they give you their all

I want to share something with you about myself, countless times as a kid, I was told, “You are soo sensitive.” At that time i take that as a bad thing but after knowing about it’s benefits now i feel proud of it. 

Being sensitive can give someone a front row seat into the inner show of creativity, intuition and clarity that lives inside of us.

A person who feels everything fully is more encouraged to fully take care of themselves. I advise you to keep your eyes open, if you find anyone having this don’t let them go, value them because they are rare to find.



“Sensitivity Is Not A Weakness, It’s a Strength”

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