From the time humans evolved, our body hair and facial hair have diminished over time. But eyebrows and eyelashes remained a core part of our features.

Of course, there’s a biological or functional reason to the question, “why do we have hair above and around our eyes?”

They have following significant roles-




1. Communication




The eyebrows are the most important feature of a person’s facial identity. Eyebrow movements allow us to express complex emotions as well as perceive the emotions of others.

It also helps us to express our emotions & recognize each other.

A study shows that people who have had Botox which limits eyebrow movement are less able to empathize and identify with the emotions of others. That’s how important eyebrows are for communication.




2. To keep moisture out of eyes




Eyebrows grow outward & that too in a way that helps keep the eyes clean & clear of dust, water or the amount of light falling on eyes.
The arched shape of eyebrows actually redirects moisture over to the sides of our face, away from the eyes.




3. Eyebrows prevent irritation & infections




As when you close your eyes, the curled lashes connect to form a seal and keep unwanted particles out. This plays a vital role in protecting your eyes against infections.

Similarly, eyebrows also prevent certain substances to fall directly onto eyes functioning like a roof! This thus prevents foreign particles to enter your eyes thereby preventing irritation.





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