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Don’t think yourself as of some other galaxy when you hear that weird sound in an empty room!

This seemingly high pitched sound, distracting at times happens to everyone. There’s nothing to feel weird about it!

The thing to know here is what causes this annoying phenomenon & what are the measures to deal with it!




“Tinnitus”, is what this phenomenon called!




Tinnitus in Latin means ‘ringing’, it is characterized by ringing, hissing, beeping or sizzling like sounds!
Exposure to loud sound is the primary & most common cause of tinnitus. If you love your music extra loud, there is a higher risk of ringing ears for you.

Sometimes ringing ears last for minutes & sometimes for hour. But the worst is when it becomes a burden in falling asleep, this sound beats in sync with your heart making it nearly impossible to sleep.
Although tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, but the thing is it does not cause any loss to your hearing part, nor causes any pain.




The Mechanism





The mechanism behind this sound lies between our brain & auditory cortex!
There are multiple evidence which suggests that some tinnitus is a consequence of neuroplastic alterations in the central auditory pathway while the other are caused by an involuntary twitching of a muscle or a group of muscles.

When there is a increased neural activity in the auditory brain-stem, where the brain processes sounds, some auditory nerve cells become over-excited. This leads to origin of some high pitched mosquito-like noise which we hear.





Preventive measures



There’s an area of the brain called the limbic system, it regulates emotion. “If you think of tinnitus as threatening, the brain pays more attention, and the experience becomes even more disturbing“.

So avoiding negative sentences such as ‘This sound will kill me’ can play a role in getting rid of tinnitus.

The other way is to correct the muscle-nerve connections in the neck. Doctors after a number of research realized that sitting up straight can make a difference!

When your ear aligns with your shoulder & hips in a straight line, the muscle-nerve connection gets corrected which results in a end of tinnitus state.

Also, you should avoid using headphones with heavy sound for too long which over stimulates your cochlea.





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