Dairy milk is an important part of everyday diet for most people. Making the children have a glass of milk daily is an age-old custom that is prevalent in many households across the world.

It is one of the richest sources of calcium. Adequate level of calcium in the body wards off bone related ailments like osteoporosis, bone injuries and others.


Though people give immense attention to eating healthy and fresh food but they forget about their daily drink, they don’t know whether their milk is pasteurized or not.

As a large number of cattle today are tuberculosis ridden so hygiene in milk definitely deserves a check. So, let’s find out which milk out there is the safest.

Let’s start with raw milk:


#1. Raw milk


People think it to be the safest due to the fact that it do not go trough any industrial procedure and they believe boiling milk at home is the safest way. But this type of milk is unpasteurized and may not be clean or sanitized.

Boiling it is an effective way of dealing with disease-causing organisms, it does remove impurities and some bacteria, but it is not capable to kill most of the dangerous bacteria and other organisms.

Also, we know milk is a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Minerals like Calcium and vitamins like Vitamin A, D, B1, B2, B12 and K, boiling affects many of these vital nutrients in it.

Raw milk is responsible for nearly three times more hospitalizations than any other food-borne disease outbreak, making it one of the world’s most dangerous food products. So, if you’re opting for it, i suggest go for other options.



#2. Packet milk


Honestly I cannot tell you about the brands that you have to use but yes packaged milk is very safe for health, rather much safer than its fresh version.

It is the pasteurized & homogenized, i.e., bacteria & impurities are removed before packaging.

Packaged milk goes involves heating at a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius (which is above boiling point) for a few seconds and then cooling it down, by this many harmful bacteria are removed. But it also loses some of its nutritional value.

No doubt it is safer than the previous one but it’s not the safest as by the process of pasteurization, harmful germs are destroyed, but along with them useful germs are also killed, and some of the nutritious constituents are degraded.



#3. Tetra-pack milk


In a six-layered Tetra Pack cartons UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treated milk simply means that it has been heated to a very high temperature for a brief period of time.

Tetra pack milk has higher shelf life as compared to a pouch one. It is pasteurized, before being packed in six layers of protection. Experts believe that this is the safest options as there are no preservatives added to it.

But it has many demerits also:

  1. Tetra pack is not recommended for children.
  2. Tetra pack requires to be boiled again.
  3. Milk in tetra packs lacks nutrition. Surely as it is boiled and cooled in short instance of time which affects vitamins & minerals.






The safety of milk is utmost important as we drink it and give it to our kids trusting it to be healthy and safe. So, after reading this can you guess who is the winner?


The winner is packaged one as it is safe and contains not all but many essential minerals & vitamins and also free from harmful bactria.



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