How many chances do you give someone before you tell them that it isn’t working? There’s no one answer, but there are things to consider. Here are five indicators which reveal When To Break Up With Your Partner?





#1. No time



We all have occupations, tasks, responsibilities that throughout the day diminish a little time to be with your partner or share some moments.

But when your partner starts with the excuses of his/her lack of time to be by your side is a sign that shows that something going wrong. Those words I do not have time, I have things to do, you are absorbing me, etc., can be real sometimes but will not always work.





#2. Playing hide and seek




When your partner starts with the secret calls, he/she does not explain who it is, goes away to answer the calls, they call to your house and when you speak nobody answers, you must be alert.
Besides the weekends has plans from a long time ago but you never find yourself on the guest list! It’s a very good sign and an answer to When To Break Up With Your Partner, you could be in the middle of a love triangle. 





#3. Change in behavior




At first used to be tender, detailed, loving, but at some point, things changed and he/she is cold, distant, does not share much time with you.

The change has been drastic and you have noticed that something is missing between the two. Plus, he/she never has time to talk when you raise the subject, they answer evasively or simply tells you that nothing happens and that they does not have time to talk about those things.






#4. Me, me, and I




If they talk about what you did in the day, but above all is very aware of you and your things. And lately does not remember anything you talk to them about, it means they only have interest in their own shit!

This is because they no longer has interest in anything in your life, much less in you. Keep in mind that a relationship is made up of two people and when one of them is not connected is a bad sign, something is happening, even if you do not want to admit it.







#5. Does not like anything about you





Your partner does not like how you dress. He/she tells, you look fat! They looks at other people who cross in front of them and comments about them annoying you.
When you speak to them criticizes the things you say and even bother them that you cross some conversation that has to do with the two you or about themselves.
If he/she not interested in you anymore, they can be rude, because they  doesn’t care about your emotions.



So, these were 5 early to trace signs on When To Break Up With Your Partner, feel free to share your personal opinion in the comment box below.



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