Color is a visual stimulus and they can inspire and energize, or enhance aggression, passion, and calm.

Some even believe that we don’t just see colors, but that they have such a significant impact on us that we feel them too. Some studies even suggest that we feel colors more than we see them.

Scientists have researched the correlation between color and mood. Color Psychologists show that colors affect emotional reactions and influence perceptions. Branding agencies take advantage of this knowledge.


Studies say, your color choice on your clothing tells all about whom you are. They say, those who love to wear white are often organized, while those who love to wear green are loyal and affectionate.

Black is the favorite choice for those who are sensitive, artistic and attentive to details. Blue, a common lovable color is chosen by a stable person. Red lovers are known to live their life to the fullest.


We often choose colors subconsciously, however, and the colors we wear can also enhance or dampen our moods.

The colors we wear depend a lot on how we are feeling mentally or emotionally at a particular time and can be a reflection of what phase we are currently going through.

 If we have a strong dislike for a color, it is often because that color is a representation of a weakness so we hold negative associations towards it. We may have had a bad experience wearing a certain color, so, therefore, avoid it at all costs.


Life is colorful, so why not fill your world with different shades as you live your life day to day.

Wear different colored dress shirts as you hop from one occasion to the other. Most people do this already, without really knowing why; most likely for the simple reason that colors bring life and life define who you are.






“Life Is All About Using The Whole Box Of Crayons”




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