Let me clear one thing straight, here we are not talking about sexual adultery but adultery in terms of life & the way it should be lived!

So, what is adultery? Of course, being & behaving as an adult but in true sense, adultery is not about right or wrong, it is just a question of sense and consequence!

There are many who are not willing to face the consequences when they come; but without facing consequences they want to have situations that they enjoy.

Adultery is all about living life sensibly. What makes utmost sense to you, you must do that. Is this wrong, is that wrong? That’s not the point. Are you living your life sensibly that’s the question.




Tell me, as long as you are behaving sensibly about what you are doing. A senseless life is sin, isn’t it?

Look, it’s stupid to pass judgments about life, but it is even more stupid to do anything which causes suffering to yourself. It’s stupid to give in to something which makes you think today its everything and tomorrow morning it makes you look like
a fool to yourself. Not to somebody else. That is a senseless way to living.






“You must live in such a way, with so much sense, that even gods should be envious of you. If you show such sense there is no right and wrong with your life. If you don’t have such sense, everything is wrong with your life.”- Sadhguru



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