“The average adult is getting one and a half hours less sleeping per night than the average adult did 100 years ago”

There’s nothing more frustrating than lying there, wide awake, waiting for sleep that never comes. And it’s not just annoying. Lack of sleeping can be very damaging to your body.

 Despite the various social media mantras that wrongly advise us to skip getting some shuteye in order to reach our professional and personal goals, sleep deprivation is no joke, and if you aren’t routinely getting a good night’s nap, your body will let you know in no uncertain terms that this snooze-sacrificing arrangement just isn’t gonna cut it.


Nap is vital for healthy physical, mental and emotional processing. When we go without sleep or have insufficient sleep, our bodies struggle to perform to their full potential.

As a consequence, we can expect impairments to our next-day physical and mental performance.

So what exactly happens to our bodies when we don’t get the shut-eye we need? Keep reading to find out…







#1. You’ll lose the ability to react quickly and make logical decisions








#2. Testosterone and sex hormones start to  drop

hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of testosterone







#3. Our immune system takes a major hit and it gets tougher for the body to fight diseases








#4. You’ll turn forgetful







#5. You’ll gain weight if you sleep less than 5  hours every day








#6. Body ages more quickly that means more wrinkles and age spots



Examine your schedule and routine and find the time to get 7 to 8 hours of a nap every night. 

However, if you are already getting the proper amount of nap, you may have a sleep disorder that is preventing you from getting the quality of sleep you deserve.

Take some time to consider all you’re risking before you continue that late-night TV marathon. Then, turn out the lights and enjoy your 7 to 8 hours of beauty sleep.





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