Weather it be the rain or the humidity, both will melt away your perfect makeup strokes. But does that mean you should give up wearing makeup during this wet and sticky season?

Well, not at all! You just have to keep few things in mind to rock your makeup in this troublesome season.

Here i have a bunch of tips and tricks that can prevent your make up from running down your face and staying in place.





#1. Moisturizing & primer




Make sure your face is clean and moisturized, and you’re ready to apply your makeup. Before heading towards any you should first apply a war paint that will ensure it lasts, whatever the weather.

Here I am talking about the primer. There’s a makeup primer for every part of your face. There comes Different lash, eyeshadow in a variety of styles and shades from creams & crayons to choose from, foundation and lip product primers.

Also then there are powders that you can brush on to maintain and set your overall look. So, just before makeup apply the primer & make it waterproof!








#2. Eyes & lips



Eyeliners look beautiful but as soon as they comes in contact with water they just mess up badly. It only makes sense to reach for waterproof makeup in a case where you have to step out in a wet climate.

Mascara is the most obvious choice, but waterproof makeup goes beyond what you use on your lashes.

Consider using a kohl pencil to create the perfect cat eye, or even smudging a chubby eye crayon into a smoky eye look. You can also go for eyeliner pencils. They tend to be waxy and therefore will stay put when the water starts splashing your way.

For lips, just outline and shade them with a matte pencil & use a waterproof lipstick. That will make for great all day lip color.







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#3. Final touch



Now that your face is complete and you’ve used your primers and waterproof cosmetics, there’s one more additional step that can help your makeup weather the storms i.e, finishing sprays.

A light mist of H20 can actually help set your makeup! Whether you’re trying to tone down oil, have a photo perfect look or maintain a dewy radiance.

That’s how Makeup artists have been known to rave over water-based facial sprays.





#4. Bonus tips




If you really want your makeup to look flawless once you’ve made it through the rain, bring the essentials with you.

It’s smart to carry a compact makeup with you for touchups during the day. Your lipstick and eyeliner won’t add any additional weight to your purse and they will come in handy when you need to look camera ready.

Okay, that’s it, this were some simple tips you can follow you look your best even in this wet & humid climate. Fell free to share some more useful tips below if you know some.








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