We can’t deny the fact that 75% of our body consist of water. And that’s why in case of any water deficiency we can easily face bad health & poor skin!

In order to bag a great skin & celebs like fit body, you have to provide your body a more than enough amount of water. But there are some right ways to do it.

Following the Water Therapy listed below, you can surely get a Glowing Skin & fit body.



#1. Have 4 glasses of water right after you wake up


Not anything else mixed in it, just 4 glass of oz water!

Drinking water in empty stomach in morning not only flush toxins & reduces bloat but also increases your metabolism. With it you can burn calories more rapidly.

This was it’s benefit to body! Now let’s have a look at it’s skin benefit.

When you have more toxins in your body, you are more likely to have blemishes and dull skin. But when you have regular bowel movements, you are keeping your body detoxified, it leads to less wrinkles, acne, fine lines and gives you a clearer skin.

And if you can manage to drink a bit boiled water than it can be much more beneficial for you!



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#2. Drink water at least 30 min before meal


Struggling for making your meal fully digest without leaving any extra fat to your body but are not able to find a way? No worries, here’s the solution!

Drink 16-18 ounces of water before your lunch & dinner & be on the smart way to get trimmed. And how will water do it?

Look, when you have water before having a meal, your stomach get cleared from all sort of particles blocking the ducts of digestive juices.

This leaves your stomach clean & when you eat your meal it’s completely digested due to better secretion of digestive juices.

And when you have a healthy, fat-free body, you automatically have a great skin.




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#3. Try to avoid drinking water after meal


The reason for it is quite relative to the previous point!

Just like if you avoid drinking water before your meal, your food will not be digested properly. And if you drink water after meal, the same will happen.

Look, your stomach starts releasing digestive juices as soon as the food particles enter stomach, so if you drink water immediately after having food, your digestive juices will be diluted by the water.

This will result in reduced digestion of food, leaving you with a more fatty body.

And with that fatty body you can’t have a skin to die for!





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#4. Drink water before heading for tea & coffee


Sure, coffee & tea are our day starters, they have many advantages. But do you know they have a bad side too!

Jumping directly to coffee & tea skipping water can leave discoloration on your teeth, can cause dehydration, leave toxins in your skin & cause stomach ulcers.

Whereas if you grab yourself a glass of water before having your coffee will neutralize tea or coffee’s effect to give your body that optimum pH.

This thus will prevent your teeth from discoloration, keep you hydrated, prevent you from stomach ulcers. And will also keep your body detoxed so your get your skin glowing.



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#5. Have water before going for a bath


You may have heard of this before also that having water before taking a bath can lower blood pressure. But do it really holds some truth?

Well, it actually does! And whether you have to drink a warm glass of water or a cold one depends on the type of bath you’re going to have!

If you’re heading for a cold shower go for a warm glass of water, this will produce heat in your body & will help blood vessels to dilate to keep the blood flow normal.

And if you’re heading for a warm shower have cold water, this will constrict the blood vessels dilated due to warm bath thus leaving a normal blood pressure!

With such a good blood circulation you will be far away from any sort of skin problems & health problems.




If i can sum up this article in a single line, I can say,


“The More Hydrated You Are, The Healthier You Are



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