The thing that separates successful peoples from others is that they know that success is a process and are willing to go through that process, knowing it will ladder up to something bigger.

It is so easy to fall into the bad habits that lead to a life lived by Default. People say, “I should really wake up earlier,” meanwhile they hit the snooze ten times.

But guess what you already successful because you are giving your precious time to improve yourself not wasting your time watching TV or chatting with friends.

I’m sure you will definitely gain a awesome success in future and by that i mean you are going to live 10-15 years longer as the success i am talking about is about your Health Success.

Below i have listed some easy to apply but extremely effective hacks to live long. No matter what your age or fitness is, these will always gonna help you:


#1. Swimming


It’s a perfect body workout. Swimming works your body’s motor coordination. Over two thirds of the body musculature is engaged when you swim.

The upper and lower body, trunk, head, arms and legs are forced to work together to make a balanced effort. Which enhances your bones and muscle strength.



#2. Kegel exercises


Kegel exercise, also known as pelvic floor exercise. It helps strengthens the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder. 

The exercise can be performed multiple times each day, for several minutes at a time, for one to three months, to begin to have an effect. It helps increase your ability to control your bladder muscle and abdominal muscle which makes them strong and keep your urinary system healthy for years.



#3. Tai Chi


It’s meaning is meditation in motion. Tai Chi is a centuries-old Chinese martial art, has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. 

In China, it is believed that Tai Chi can delay aging and prolong life, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and tendons, and aid in the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, digestive disorders, skin diseases, depression, cancer, and many other illnesses. 

It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. It is non-competitive, gentle, and generally slow-paced.



#4. Walking


It can help you stay trim, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, keep BP in check, lift your mood. 

Exercise buys you three to seven additional years of life. It is an antidepressant, it improves cognitive function and there is now evidence that it may retard the onset of dementia. It’s a saying-  ” Just 25 minutes of brisk walking a day can add up to seven years to your life “.



#5. Strength training

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It Keeps muscles tight & strong. The average 30-year-old will lose about a quarter of his or her muscle strength by age 70 and half of it by age 90. 

The key is developing a well-rounded program, performing the exercises with good form, and being consistent. You will experience noticeable gains in strength within four to eight weeks.



#6. You Have To Practice Discipline

Keeping the Balance Mobile HD Wallpaper

The reason this is so important is because the number one challenge in life design comes down to saying “no.” If you truly want to Design your life, you have to master the golden trait of discipline. 

In order for you to be who you know yourself to be, in order for you to get to where you know you can go, you have to say “no” a hundred times more than you say the word “yes.”







While most of us want to live long, we probably would like those extra years of life to be healthy and productive. Behaviors matter, not only for how long you are going to live but also how healthy you are going to live those years.

And the best way to achieve this is to create habits in your life you refuse to give up for anyone else. These habits are so much more than just activities in themselves. The activity quickly becomes an opportunity to practice the art of discipline. Take going to the gym, for example.


“You Are The Painter Of Your Life’s Picture”


I suggest if you want to live a fuller, happier life by freeing up more time? Walk through some simple yet eye-opening lessons on living a happy, stress-free life.

Giving deep insights into the art of living joyfully, Be Happy and Live Long contains short stories with meaningful messages to help you identify with your innermost self.





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