The Fact:


If you don’t know about the fact that your recorded voice sounds something else than what your personally hear, ask any of your friend to record your voice while you say something, you will notice a slight difference in your voice!




It don’t sound like we think it should. The sound is tinnier & high pitched. So do the recorder is lying?

No the recorder doesn’t lie! There’s a interesting trick that happens which makes your voice sound so weird.







The biological part:

The mechanism behind sound production lies in your inner ear. Your dear sound can reach the inner ear by 2 ways, and these are the 2 mainly responsible for that sound difference!

First is Air-conducted sound which is transmitted from the surrounding environment through the external auditory canal to eardrum and middle ear to the cochlea to the fluid-filled spiral in the inner ear.






The other is Bone-conducted sound that reaches to your cochlea directly through the embedded tissues of your head.

Okay, so here’s how it goes! When you speak, sound energy spreads in the air around you and reaches your cochlea through external ear by the means of air conduction.

This sound also travels directly to the cochlea through the embedded tissues of your head by the means of Bone-conduction.

These 2 overall enhances your voice into deeper, lower-frequency vibrations.







The Mechanism:

When you speak, the vibrations from your vocal cords resonate in your mouth & throat area. Of these some get transmitted & conducted by your bones in your neck and head.

Your inner ear is stimulated by both internal vibrations in your bones as well as by the sound coming out of your mouth.



As the combination of vibrations coming to the inner ear by two different paths, your voice sounds different!

It gives your voice a fuller, bassier quality that’s lacking when you hear it on a recording.





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