Getting health benefits by working hard is old stuff, today there are many other things which at first hearing may sound rubbish but can play a vital role in improving your health. Also they are not that hard to do!

Of course you have to still work for being healthy but the thing is, these weird tricks got more benefits in less effort.

Below are 5 such weird tips you can follow to improve your health. Remember at first they can sound bullshit but read the full explanation to get through it.






#1. Drink a hot beverage to cool down



What! okay so now you’re telling me to drink a hot coffee in this hot weather! But the fact is this really works, it will help you body cool more faster.
Here’s the science behind it,When we sip a hot drink, your thermosensors located in the stomach become hyperactive, and send strong signals to our hypothalamus that we are hot.

Your body in turns, reacts by initiating an over-compensatory sweating response & releases more sweat. This sweat evaporates to release the heat thus making you cool!

Thus you can say, ‘It’s due to your body overacted to hot coffee so you end up cooler at the end.’











#2. Have more calories to lose weight quickly



Who said you can lose weight just by going hard, eat some more calories & see your weight meter going down!

Let me clear one thing first, eating more calories to lose more weight is all about having the right kind of calories.

What you thought, eating more cakes can help you lose weight? Of course not! You have to go for healthy foods especially veggies & fruit.

You can eat them as much as you want, they will always help you get trimmed, just take care that it’s healthy!






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#3. Build muscles to fit into smaller size



There are different sort of exercises, cardio, endurance etc. All can help you stay fit! But no matter what exercise you do, you’re just chiseling your body & not adding anything extra to it.

Sure you’ll gain more muscles but that too in such way that your body will become more chiseled.

It give your body its actual shape with which it actually comes, it’s us who makes our body fat & distort it!

So ya, you can build muscle to fit into smaller muscular size.






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#4. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after meal



Do you think you’re taking a good care of your oral health by brushing your teeth after meal? Well, you may be wrong!

Look, the food you just ate contains different acids such as if you ate a orange or lemon they got citric acid. When you brush your teeth soon after eating this things, you are washing after all the saliva in your mouth which can help neutralize acidity of this food as saliva is basic in nature.

So, it is advised to leave your mouth for 30 min after meal so that saliva can do its job preventing your teeth of decay from those acids by neutralizing them.

Okay, so what’s the best thing you can do to take care of your teeth?

Just do a basic mouth wash after your food & do brush after half an hour. That will be more than enough for your teeth.




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#5. Exercise to increase your energy level



You may have noticed that any kind of physical exertion creates an increased need for oxygen.

So sure in short term you can feel fatigue doing small tasks but as you carry forward doing such tasks often, you’ll have a increased bar of energy.
Over time, with continued exercise, your aerobic capacity increases, allowing you to deliver more and more oxygen to your brain and blood. Thus helping you stay more awake, alert, and ready to go.

If you can just add an extra 15-25% to your aerobic capacity would be like adding 1.5x more energy & shaving ten to twenty years off your age.







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“The Greatest Gift You Can Give To This World & Your Family Is A Healthy You”




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