Women’s attraction to men is much more complicated than we think. And while there isn’t a secret recipe for understanding every woman, there are a few things that almost all women are drawn to.

The good news is these things can be cultivated, meaning that if you don’t have them now, you can get them.

So what do women find attractive in a man?


Good looks alone are not sufficient for a woman to fall head over heels with a man. Believe it or not attraction is most likely not all about the six pack abs although we do like that, or the huge bank account although that is nice too, but rather, it is about the whole package.

Having some quality traits to ensure that the best genes are passed on to her offspring and a list of other features may be a point.

So, now that you are clear an attractive looking man cannot always be a women magnet we can move forward to take a look on what they really find appealing.

Here i have shed some light on what they find universally appealing:

#1. Confident guys


Girls like those boys who are confident about themselves. You don’t have to actually be confident to project confidence.

Good posture and a winning smile can go a huge way toward making you look like you’re brimming with it — even when you’re not.

#2. Holding Hands


It might seem like an cliched move, but it works like a charm. Holding her hands while walking gives her a self confidence and shows your love for her.

#3. Be a giver not a taker


Givers are defined by the fact that they will take care of people with no expectation of reward and in think any girl will want it. Any girl will want a givers who love people, so introducing him to others can add value to her friends.

#4. cooking hobby


Guys who can cook can attract any girl. It’s easy to buy somebody something. You go to the store, throw out some cash and here you have it. But, cooking a meal for somebody? It’s a whole new level of sexy my friend…whole new level!

#5. Smelling good

Smelling good is a great way to catch girls’ attention. There is nothing that is more attractive to a woman than a guy who smells good. It is that simple!

When it comes to initial attraction, how you smell is more important than your looks, abs, height, weight or even your income.




#6. Responsible man

Guys who take care of their grandparents or pets are super attractive to girls. You may have seen in movie a rich girl fall in love with a bad guy and the girl fights with her father to marry him, but in real world it’s not true.

A girl always wants a guy who has a plan and is able to take care of her and his family in future.

#7. Passionate man

A guy who’s passionate about something is always sexy!

You might think women find men in bands attractive because of the “bad boy” persona, but in reality, it’s about their passion for music and their ambition to achieve their goals. Passion and ambition are instant turn-on’s.

Every girl is different and unique in her own way but she is a girl only and like every girl she also wants same thing.

A girl want a guy who always know what she wants. If you can give her happiness fine then, you gonna get her. Work on being the best possible version of yourself is inherently worthwhile, it’s the best assets.




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