Ice cubes are really bliss for our skin. Tired of putting your makeup, take some ice cubes in a flannel cloth and run them over your face & enjoy the cool therapy!

Tired working on your laptop or computer for hours, just place two ice cubes on your tired and worn-out eyes. From tightening skin to giving a long-lasting glow, it has countless benefits. Let’s have a look at some of it.

#1. Removes oil from oily skin

Only people with oily skin can feel it’s pain. But hey i have a amazing hack for you, that’ll minimize the production of oil on your face to a great extent. Grab a soft cloth and tie two ice cubes in it.

Use this tied up cloth to massage your face. Continue with the massage until the ice melts completely & see the magic.




#2. Prevents wrinkles

Well, if you are a teenager you may take it as a future problem for you. Wrinkles will not appear before your thirties.

But for those in thirties applying ice can be a miraculous thing to delay wrinkles for a much longer time.  It prevents the anti-ageing factors and also reduces the risk of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

#3. For Instant glow

This will leave your skin with an instant radiance & incredible smoothness. Using ice cubes for face by rubbing them in a circular motion for a while will constrict your facial pores. 

Rubbing ice cubes on the face daily improves blood circulation giving your face a healthy glow. 

This will keep your skin cool too. All you have to do is rub an ice cube on your face, it will improve blood circulation and keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, giving you that natural glow.


#4. For sunburn

Spent quality fun in the sun? Use some ice cubes wrapped in a zip lock pouch or a clean cotton cloth to sooth the stinging from sunburned skin for instant relief.

 This method will relieve you of the pain as well as irritation instantly. To make it more effective pour some aloe gel in ice tray, freeze it and apply.


#5. For acne

We all suffer from this monster, it may seem a small problem but is a great one for the person facing it. Here’s a trick to get rid of them. Instead of pricking your blackheads let ice cubes come to your rescue. 

You will not only get instant relief, but also, experience a cooling effect on the affected area. Ice can calm redness and swelling, especially if you have cystic acne.

#6. For Long-lasting makeup

Rubbing ice on face removes the entire dirt and other impurities, also closes pores of sweat glands present in T-region of face. This makes your makeup last a lot longer than it usually does.

Try rubbing an ice cube on your face before applying any cosmetic. Ice cubes can help to fix your makeup properly and also helps you to get a long-lasting look.

So, why not take some ice cubes and rub them over your skin when just sitting idly. But there is one thing i want to tell you, never use ice cubes directly on your skin for a prolonged period of time as it can damage to the capillaries under the skin. Also, broken capillary under the skin is not a pretty sight. Always use it in a cotton bag or flannel cloth.

Other than this everything is fine with using ice. In order to get the most of ice cubes you can use many nourishing ingredients like milk, green tea, lemon, fruit juices and even herbs in your ice tray instead of using only water. 

If you start applying ice on your face every single day, soon you will end-up with a flawless skin. You don’t have to go for any face packs, creams or any other stuff. Because now you have a better way to get you skin die for. Moreover it don’t have any side effects.





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