Do you believe in luck, well i do. In my opinion luck is what people create, notice and act upon when opportunities strike in their life. Most people associate luck as a game of chance. 

But they forget that their positive, productive, hard work are the things that create an aura of energy around them that attracts lucky circumstances.

Whether you believe in luck or not it’s always good to keep this things at home which i am going to tell you.

We usually keep things at home that are totally useless so why not exchange those things with something that bring a positive & productive atmosphere for us.

Keeping these things in your home will bring positivity & good luck, and helps the family members lead a happy life:

#1. Bamboo

It has been considered a luck bring plant in China for over 4000 years. It is a member of the lily family called Dracaena Sanderiana.

Gifting a lucky bamboo to someone is said to bring both the giver and receiver good luck. Whether used for luck or decoration, in both way it is definitely useful as a beacon of good energy.

#2. Koi fish

Koi fish is symbol of many positive qualities such as luck, prosperity, strength, and power. You can get small baby koi for around five dollars at your local fish store.

It is also believed that the golden color of the koi and goldfish are seen to attract gold & wealth. Moreover, keep an aquarium at home is a awesome stress-buster. So, get one for yourself.


#3. Lighting incense

Burning them at a quiet time can help you concentrate on your desires or goals!

Burning incense invokes powerful energies which surrounds you with the extra lift you seek. You can use incense in many ways such as– burn them for love & peace or just for a pleasant scent.

#4. Fresh flowers

This can exactly be a good luck. It will prove to be an appropriate gift for somebody else or even for yourself.

Flowers help create a feeling of safety and they too are known for bringing good luck. Associated with good will, and known for relieving stress, flowers also look amazing on their own.

#5. Square or rectangular mirrors

As per japanese culture, square or rectangular mirrors can activate and deflect different energies and multiply different elements around your house. 

For example, a mirror placed in a way that reflects a beautiful view from the garden will draw good energy into space.

#6. Horseshoe

I think we all are aware about it and most of us have it. It’s the biggest lucky charm for people of all time. Reason we keep this is because many believes a horseshoe with the two ends pointing up collects good luck and keeps it from falling out.

Keep this few things in your house & i guarantee you will definitely feel more positive & productive.

Just as you can’t get lucky in stocks without investing in it. Similarly if you want to succeed, you need to ensure you’re pushing, pulling, and dragging that team. It requires focus, discipline, and an unapologetic resolve.

I have found by my personal experience that luck favors only those willing to make a decision, rather than those being greedy and waiting too long imagining someone else to do for them. You need to stop thinking about the bad and switch your focus to good thing that you want to come alive.

Live happily!!



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