Are you a kind of person who peeps into season to find the next fashion trend? If yes, you’re a fashion freak & it’s a part of your DNA.

But as every year comes with an entirely different collection of fashion trends to get in on, it’s always difficult to match it especially the accessories part.

Anyone can take inspiration from celebs clothing but accessories are the thing that takes a look from great to awesome!

And guess what, here’s a treat for you, the Top 5 Women Latest Accessories Trends of 2018!!





#1. White Boots



While white boots are as practical as their black, brown or burgundy counterparts, they do have a number of qualities which mean they’re a style investment worth making.

The reason is White boots gives a welcome breath of fresh air in a season where traditionally a black boot has always been the king.
Whether you’re planning on donning a complete white look by way of a logo T-shirt and ecru denim, or are looking for shoes to wear with a colorful maxi dress, white boots goes with everything. That’s how versatile they are!







#2. Chain-strap Bags



Metallic finish may seem like 80’s fashion stuffs but when blended with other fabrics and unique shapes, they suddenly becomes modern and unique!

We saw quite a few shiny bags as part of the spring 2017 bag trends. But this year they’re back with a even greater demand.

Now they’re back in brass and gunmetal shades, and contrasted interestingly with the more classy leather and suede styles of the body of the bags.







#3. Micro Sunglasses



While mini shades look like a risky, oddly futuristic-yet-retro throwback to the Matrix-era, it’s a look that’s seriously growing on us this season.

It’s a fresh takeover on the shape of old Hollywood glamour, the new cat-eye shades are almost futuristic. From Gigi Hadid to Adwoa Aboah, all has been fighting the sun with a pair of these micro sunglasses.
They might not be entirely practical in terms of UV protection but these tiny sunglasses are officially in. So if you wanna level up your fashion game this season you got to have these!





#4. Disco Earrings



The spunky, charmed hoops have all the liveliness of 90’s era, and as you may have heard fashion repeats itself after some span, so these has a come back too. Certainly resemble the contour of a twinkling disco ball.

They are glittery, shiny & eye catching!





#5. Berets



Have you got one already? Great! If not, get one immediately. This is a trend that will definitely spread worldwide pretty soon, so you’d better hop on it before all of your friends do.
The beret for years have been an essential costume piece for mimes and French satire. They had a great history & will again make a history soon!

You can play it safe by grabbing a classic, black beret that will go with almost anything in your closet. Or you could go all out with a bright one just like the ones fashionistas have been wearing.







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