Finally, the season which signals a few months of coziness and comfort is here, and you can look forward to switching up your wardrobe for something a little more… put together.

As you may know, winter is all about layering & what could be better than having some versatile & stylish piece of the jacket to level up your winter styling game!

Below are the Top 5 Winter Jackets For Men To Seem Like A Stud!!





#1. Bomber Jacket




A men’s bomber jacket can be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe as it can be dressed up with a button up shirt underneath, or dressed down and look just as well with a basic t-shirt.
This jacket is especially timeless as it virtually works with everyone’s wardrobes.

The inspiration for The bomber jacket first emerged during WW1. It was issued to bomber pilots (hence the name). The trend of old war fashion working its way into the mainstream is definitely not a new story.










#2. Peacoat





Peacoats sold well before Skyfall came out, but after the premiere, it was difficult to keep up with demand. “People are still calling for that coat from the movie.”

By selecting a peacoat, you’re not only choosing a coat that can dress up even the most tattered pair of blue jeans, but you’re also choosing a coat that was literally created to withstand harsh weather.
The peacoat offers flexibility in style – it can be both formal and casual – while providing the warmth that has proven itself to be reliable and consistent for over a century and a half.








#3. Suede Leather Jacket




What is suede? Well, quite simply, suede is leather that’s been turned inside out. The texture is often compared to that of velvet although nothing can quite compare to its soft napped surface, which is produced through a process of buffing, trimming and smoothing.
If you appreciate the smart cut of a shirt jacket and don’t mind the commitment of keeping it regularly dry cleaned, this is a great choice.

Okay, so it requires a bit of extra care but trusts me if you can pull this off correctly you’ll be the most stylish dude around!








#4. Leather Jacket




The list of winter jackets for men will be incomplete without this! For well over 70 years, leather jackets have represented individuality and a rebellious, manly side throughout American history.
A well-made leather jacket is an essential addition to a man’s wardrobe because it will never go out of style, can be dressed up or down, will generally last a lifetime and fit like a second skin.

One of the most popular leather jackets is the biker’s leather jacket, With a flared collar and large lapels, the front zipper typically opens at an angle to form one lapel. This is probably the most casual style and so best worn with jeans.

But mind not everyone can pull this off, if you have a strong presence & aura around people then it can work wonders for you but if not try to stick to the normal leather jackets.








#5. Denim Jacket




To stand apart in a crowd full of leather jackets you gotta wear something different yet cool. The denim jacket can do this job for you.
The denim jacket is a timeless fashion staple. Comfortable, casual, and easy to wear, what’s not to love about this wardrobe essential?
From cool casual outfits to sharp, smart casual styles, this must-have jacket for men can do it all. Plus they are quite affordable as compared to other jackets!!





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