Wanna read some awesomely thrilling stories but confused which to go for in this vast ocean of novels?

Mysterious novels are something which has got a long past, it was been loved years ago, loved today & will be loved in future too.

The amazing sauce that shake up our mind with surprises is what we all love about these novels!

So if your want a list of some of the best in this category, you’re almost there! Below is the top 5 best of the best thriller novels you can read, certainly my favorites!





#1. The name of the roses





A highly intellectual novel by Umberto Eco that covers aspects of literary theory, biblical analysis and medieval history.

It’s the story of a series of murders within a monastry which is being solved by two monks.

The storyteller is Adso, a old man sharing his experiences as a novice, experiences which have clearly haunted him.

You might find it hard to categorize this book, technically it seems more of a ‘Crime Fiction’ but is also dusted with tangled deception.

But one thing is for sure, you’ll definitely find it worth going through its Mysterious pages!





#2. Rebecca




As you can guess from the name it’s a book on a girl, a young girl who meets a handsome, old gentleman named Maxim de Winter in Monte Carlo.

She married him & became Mrs de Winter. It’s the gossip of the moment that Maxim’s wife Rebecca, has recently drowned at sea.

After rebecca’s death, Mr. de Winter after a long period of romance managed to marry to a lady who becomes the new Mrs de Winter.

On arriving home to Maxim’s West Country estate, after their honeymoon, Mrs de Winter faces a painful struggle against Maxim’s first wife.
Maxim’s new wife is constantly compared to Rebecca, who was loved and admired by all. And mostly by Rebecca’s maid and housekeeper.

But as the story proceeds the character of rebecca turns out to be something else. It becomes clear that Rebecca was not as wonderful as people believed her to be, and her death is not the tragic accident that perhaps it had seemed.

Overall, Rebecca is a book about jealousy and relationships.
Our heroine (The new Mrs de Winter) starts as a shy, young thing, acquiescing to everyone around her – to her charge, to Maxim, to the staff at Manderley.

Thus it’s a book full of twist & surprises!






#3. Hound of the Baskervilles




The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the third of four crime novels featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. It’s a part of The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes 37 Short Stories!

The story is an attempted murder upon men of the Baskerville family by a supernatural hound of giant proportions. 

The book opens with a visit from Dr. Mortimer, a friend of Sir Charles Baskerville, to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson at their London office.  Dr. Mortimer tells of his suspicions surrounding the death of his friend and of the large paw print found on the scene. 

Dr. Mortimer enlists the aid of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson, to solve the mystery of the death/murder of his friend!

The rhythm with which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written this novel is great, the plot twists he conspires are second to none. I completed this novel in almost one sitting,  it’s too difficult to put down. 

So, i highly recommended you to get this if you want some quality Sherlock holmes mystery, I rate it a 5/5!



#4. The woman in white





You’ll be surprise to know that this book is one of the first mystery novels ever written! 

The novel by British author Wilkie Collins has been included in many lists including ‘The Big Read’ by BBC.

With that you’ll be stopping yourself from some really suspicious mystery stories if you don’t read this, You’ll also notice a lot of beautiful words and sentence formation. So, if you’re a English language lover, this book is totally for you.

This book will give you a glimpse of women’s lives in the 19th century in Britain. It conveys British Women sufferings because of the lack of equal rights and laws for men and women at that time. 

Also, it is written in a very unique way. Instead of one narrator, the book has many witnesses just like a court case.



#5. The Spy who came in from the cold





A literary thriller addressing the amorality of spying and the cynicism of both sides in the Cold War. Has won multiple awards and is regularly voted one of the top ten spy thrillers of all time.

I don’t think there’s anything else i have to say to  express its value of reading!

The story is about a British spy  who is asked to pretend to defect in order to frame an enemy spymaster, but he falls in love with a naive Communist and begins to suspect he is a pawn in a cynical double-cross.

The characters are like what you can imagine real spies to be like, as they nearly all seem to have no sense of right or wrong. But despite this, it is not the plot or the characters that really makes this make book excellent.


Overall, I’d rate this book 9/10  for its excellent plot and profound understanding of British intelligence during the Cold War.






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