Think your job is the most difficult one to deal with?

Well, below is a list of top 5 most Stressful Jobs in the world! If you lie in any of those, I can believe you’re have a troublesome job but I too believe you’re a strong person as not everyone can bear to do these.

There are certain professions that naturally come with higher stress levels & low salary!

These jobs are really challenging & not everyone can do it.

Here comes the list:




#1. Teacher



Don’t just look at it as a treat of holidays, it’s also a hectic position to sit on!

We know teaching is a noble profession in our society, but do you know that teachers have to devote their whole life for teaching.

The other issue with it is you have to always be updated! Learning is a continuous process, though teachers are already professional they still continue to study in order for them to be updated on the latest way or process of sharing their knowledge to their students.

Plus, don’t forget working hours are 8-3 pm!

In addition to teaching in the classroom between the hours of 8-3 pm, they also volunteer their time before and after school hours to support extracurricular activities to provide students with opportunities to explore their passion and interests.

Av. Salary- $47,000




#2. Bartender



If you haven’t been behind the bar yourself as a bartender, it can be hard to understand that the job.

It is more than being a professional bottle lifter, trust me! Do you know, on average bartenders probably do 10-12hr shifts, sometimes with no break.

They keep working to make sure everybody else is having fun. And once you go to bed, they’re still up cleaning the mess!

You may be good at multitasking, but it’s an entirely different thing to make three manhattan at once while taking a beer order, running a credit card, and being eye-pulled by 10 strangers is job of a bartender.

You see many people go into bartending thinking it’s a really easy job. Ya it’s true! It’s a really social job and there are a lot of fun aspects to it, but this also have its hard work with it!

Av. Salary- $22,000





#3. Reporter



News reporters also known as journalists, gather news and information to keep the public informed about important events.

They gathers and assembles the information gained by sources & interviews to be relayed to the public!
A large portion of their day is spent investigating news before sending it in as a story to their boss which by the can be rejected if the boss isn’t interested.
They are under great pressure to meet strict deadlines. Newspapers have to get printed and delivered to people’s homes on time. Which means they have to do whatever it takes to get a story written and edited on time.

Sure, you may have seen some news reporters work in comfortable, private offices but don’t forget, they have been able to get there by giving a lot!

Before sitting in that AC room they had to work in large rooms filled with other reporters. In an even more hectic environment.

Av. Salary- $43,000





#4. Firefighters




More than most of the other professions, this need to possess a multitude of skills and talents!
Unlike famous figures such as actors and athletes, when public safety professionals end up in the headlines in a negative way, people don’t remember their names.

They just remember the occupation and city associated with these stories & not the heroes that saved many lives!

Just a single firefighter’s misconduct of any kind not only hurts their department but also hurts all firefighters because it chips away at the public’s trust that is so essential.

And keeping all these troubles aside, they have to risk their lives to save others!

Av. Salary- $45,560





#5. Police officer



Ever wondered about the challenges or dangers a police officer faces while on the job?

From dealing with challenging drugged people to dangerous weapons! You never know when a comfortable looking situation can turn into a combative one.

The other big thing is not everybody likes police officers. We never meet any police officer casually, we just see them at our worst times and we are used to that!

They barely gets holiday, even when you chill at your home on Christmas, they take care to avoid any conflicts around the area leaving their families!

Av. Salary- $53,100





So do you still find your job difficult to do, we as human tends to see the things better which we don’t have but the reality is you have the best you can!

To all those people who are in these 5 profession I just wanna say,


“Never Stop Doing Your Best Just Because Someone Doesn’t Give You Credit”




You all are amazing, you do a piece of job not everyone can- “Respect To All”







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