Understanding fashion can be burdensome, but not that much which you can’t afford to master!

How many times have you been through someone & looking at him thought, ‘Insane, this man has no fashion sense at all’.

Guess what maybe he too is thinking the same of you!

You may feel like the sexiest person on the street but you never know what others gonna think about you.

What’s the solution then? Simple, just learn to avoid fashion mistakes if you’re making any! Below are the 5 most common yet must know fashion mistakes discarding which you can look like a supermodel!







#1. You never get your clothes tailored





Sure, you’ll have to wait a bit more to get your shirt tailored but trust me it worth it!

Just any low cost fabric if tailored well can make you look as versatile as you can be in a high end clothing.

The first thing that people notice is obviously your outfit & way more than it is the fitting, if you’re going to meet someone special in a outfit which looks baggy or too small on you, can ruin up the date.

But if in same situation, you go for it with a fitted outfit the result can be amazing, it put you steps ahead in other’s opinion.

They look to you as a smart people who has a great fashion sense! Try having one shirt or suit tailored & feel the confidence.

You can also go for clothes from Zara if you can afford, that way you don’t have to worry about the fitting cause they create great fits. But if you can’t afford it, you can still be as sexy, wearing a well fitted tailored shirt or pant.

#2. You think showing tons of skin is sexy




Of course, showing a bit of skin can increase the bar of your sexiness but you have to be really careful about the line which separates sexy & show-off!

Sexy is when a person has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it! The tease game works incredible well in increasing your sex appeal.

If you got a awesome tattoo at your back, just showing a part of it can be way more sexy then showing the full tattoo by wearing a deep backless, that’s how it works!

You have to know what & how much you have to showcase.

Suppose in men, women loves seeing a bit of their forearms & chest whereas men are interested in legs & neck!



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#3. You believe denim on denim is a fashion mistake




Should or shouldn’t you double up your denim?  This question has been one of the biggest fashion debates of the year!

You may have seen the double denim look tried by some celebs which they just nailed it. But it is also seen as a fashion faux.

Whew, it’s really confusing, isn’t it?

Okay so here’s the deal, denim is today’s fashion, you should definitely try going for a double denim look, it will just make you stand apart from the crowd!

You can go for a pale ice blue denim which is right on trend with Levi’s relaunch of the 505 jeans. It makes a great pair.

You can also try something you think can work out well!

#4. You think short hair ruin your looks




You may have heard, changing hairstyle can be a great fashion adaptation & that’s really true!

There are immense benefits of short hair like less care, light on head etc. But the fashion benefits are also not less.

When you go for a short haired look after carrying long hairs for a while it makes people guessing, ‘Wow, what will she do next?’

It also boosts your self confidence in front of other as they think you’re not afraid of playing with yourself.

It also has a side-hand in making you look younger as short hair highlights your cheekbones, smile & eyes.

#5. You wash your jeans as much as you wash any other cloth





Do you know how jeans get its Color? It’s by some dyes, and that’s why we should treat them differently to make them last long!

Washing your jeans after every wear will not be a good idea as it will make it fade more easily especially if it’s a dark one.

You should be washing your jeans after every four or five wears, because anything else will fade the dye.
Also, go for cold water instead of hot while dealing with jeans. That’s all you need to know to protect its Color for years!



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I think you enjoyed reading these points & also have learned some fashion tips. The last & the most important think is confidence!




“No matter how good you look, if you lack self confidence, it’s of no use. So be fond of it!”

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