Okay, you got that great looking face & toned body but there are a ton of them out there. The thing that will make you stand out of the crown is the way you dress yourself.

I am not telling you to get those high quality clothing but something that fits you & makes you a people’s magnet!

Pants are not a matter as they can go with anything, but the main center of being well dressed is shirts. This is the thing that can have a great influence in making or breaking your first impression. So, it’s really essential to have some best of it.

And today we will go through 5 sexiest shirts a man can own, go through it & check whether you own it or not?


#1. A Tailored Plain White Shirt


There are numerous ways that you can pull off a white shirt, from casual looks to more formal styles. It will not be wrong if i call it a timeless shirt, 5-10 yrs before also they were popular & after 5-10 years it will be the same.

It gives that versatile touch to your personality. Just take care of  the fabric you choose, it should not be see-through or of a low quality fabric.

The reason i called it a tailored one is because wearing one of it with a improper fit is a disrespect to it. It should fit you in an amazing way to make you achieve that awesome look so take care that you get it tailored.


#2. A Muscle-Tee


If you have those great biceps, there’s no other thing that can make it look more attractive than this. They works great for layering under light jackets, blazers, and over shirts. It’s simple, most comfortable yet amazingly attractive.

No matter how good your body there are some precautions you should follow before going for it so that you don’t carry it the wrong way.

First, it  should not have over stuffs all around it like straps at the top, some printed stuffs or anything that can make it look messy. Keep it simple, the more simple it’ll be the more awesome it will look.

Second thing, don’t have it super tight! So tight that your chest appear to bump out. Just a nice fit, not too tight or too lose…



#3. A Henley

A comfortable, light weight yet versatile 3 buttons Henley can rock any event. A simple henley looks good with a pair of shorts, jogger pants, slacks, or jeans.Perfect for holidays and road trips, the outfit is best complemented by colorful casual lace-ups.

It’s for sure the most comfortable and stylish piece of clothing in any man’s wardrobe. I personally am a huge fan of it! If you haven’t get one, please do me a favor, try it out once. 

Thank me later!!


#4. A Plain Ninja Black Shirt


I added ninja to get that feel to it! It’s definitely a bad boy stuff & the best part is no matter where you’re from, what’s your skin color, it looks fabulous on everyone.

Tell me what do you think first when you see a black shirt? Well, i see it as a sexy quotient. A simple black tee or shirt with a simple jeans looks absolutely stunning, pair it with a boot to get that bad boy look to the perfection!

Lastly, again i will remind you of fitting, make sure you get this too tailored because only that can provide you that perfection.


#5. A plain White-Tee


What can i say of it, good/great, that will be small words for it! As per a research, women find men with a simple white tee 7-10% more attractive. You can take the idea from it how much importance it keeps.

It can go with any lower wear you can think of- jeans, chinos, casuals or even shorts. So, it can be the most smartest thing to invest in. One tip for you, don’t go too cheap or it can look like a inner vest but also don’t spend too much on it. Just a mid range good quality tee.

It is of multiple use, you can wear it at home parties, it will look cool. You can wear it on a night out, it looks hot! So, don’t miss out having it.


So, next time while searching for a shirt to wear that can rock the event, take a look at this list! You surely will find the right one! Go Have these 5 killer shirts so that when you step out of your house people look at you with a respect…



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