In this really competitive world, you have to go bold to catch your favorite girl! And you can surely help it done by just adding a bit of fashion sauce to yourself.

Fashion is what keeps changing all the time, by upgrading yourself to it you can definitely make eyeballs turn.

Today, we’ll have a look at 5 latest men fashion trends carrying which you can rock out!

Here it goes…






#1. Floral


Springs have arrived & this time let the feel rise to the top by wearing splashing colorful blooms across your chest.

You can also go for plane light colored shirts like sky blue, pale pink or white. But you know what, you can’t look that attractive in those as this men fashion has gone a bit back & secondly, almost every guy will take it.

But there’s one rule to remember & that is, you should feel confident and comfortable in this; if you don’t then the look can’t work out for you.

Fashion is all about expression and experimentation. So, to look different & way more appealing you have to think out of the box & you can do it by sporting a floral print.

You can also try layering a button up floral print shirt with a jacket or anything that you think can work great!





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#2. Dad’s denim



Dad jeans are no more a anti-fashion stuff! This men fashion accessory has boomed it’s value & provided a new bad boy look to carry.

This are baggier than any of your jean, but not that baggy to make anyone think a geek of yourself.

Skinny fits are no more the first priority of youth. Wider-legged jeans or dad’s denim purchase are now much more common.You hardly can see anyone still sporting that skinny look anymore.

They are the one fashion accessory that proves you truly don’t give a damn about what people think about your clothes.




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#3. Distressed jeans



This are the other great beast taking over chinos, trousers & other jeans!This springs it’s a must for you to have atleast 1 ripped jeans in your wardrobe.

You can buy them or even can make it out of your old jeans collection. It’s bad-ass, rugged & bad boy to its perfection.

As springs men fashion is all about t-shirts, having one will fit any of your upper clothing. Shirts, t-shirts, Henleys it matches all!

So, don’t hesitate to have it unless you’re going on a formal occasion or something like that!





#4. Vertical strips



They are both fashionable & worth wearing. Fashionable because they are trendy & comes in a whole lot of variety. And if you’re a short guy than this is also worth wearing for you!

Vertical strips creates an illusion of tallness just like a undercut hairstyle does to face. So does that mean, wearing a horizontal strip can make you look shorter? Yes, it does!

Coming back to it, in order you don’t get lost in its ocean of variety, I suggest you to go for a two-tone color combination.

And that too something light because if you go for anything dark, it will not look like a springs shirt & also will invite more heat to your body in this climate.



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#5. Sneakers



I don’t think they are going to be extinct in future & that too a white one! It’s so versatile, you can have it with anything you can think of & for any occasion, they are just perfect.

This timeless footwear can carry you amazingly this spring giving a smart touch to your personality!

Ya, you might spot a lot of people having it but remember what I said, Fashion is all about expression and experimentation.

You can go for an old skool sneaker with a touch of sport or a white sneaker with a opposite shade stripping or anything like that!

Also, you don’t have to go for a high quality sneaker, just get a simple yet stylish one which got expensive look.




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At last, just remember one thing,


” Confidence Is The Best Outfit You Can Have”



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