Do a bad boy looks more attractive than a good boy? Hell yes!! Now, there’s nothing wrong in being good, but the question i have is why good guys like you & me sit alone in park watching that bad boy flirting with girls. It hurts man, isn’t it?

What is that makes a bad boy so attractive to a girl? Well, there’s not a single thing but the most important one is, “Risk taking quality”.

For girls, bad boy means a awesome, confident, leading man who values himself and owns who he is and what he wants. Women aren’t interested in guys who is not confident of himself & is afraid to take risks. They like men who teases them more when they least expect it.

But you know what here i got something for you man, something that will both preserve your good boy & at the same time give you a bad boy touch.

Yes, i am talking about accessorizing like a genuine bad boy. Let’s go…



#1. Ear Rings

It goes with your face type, if you have rabbit ears popping out then it could be a good option to wear small simple ear rings to distract peoples from your ears. One side ear ring is always a cool option for any guy, so you can go for it.

But please don’t overdo it using any gold or something weird type of ear rings, just a Cool & simple ear ring, that’s it.



#2. Necklace

Oh man, i just love them & i think every guy does. It’s the coolest thing you can wear to to unleash the bad boy inside you. A simple silver or metal chain with a pendent or anything like that.

Make it a bit mysterious by having some unique pendent that rarely anyone have. One tip for you is never let it out of your shirt or T-shirt. You may be thinking- ”What i own these awesome necklace, why don’t i show it off”. Trust me it will ruin your personality.

Just show a glance of it peeping through your shirt  or T-shirt.




#3. Ring

Anyone can have a leather jacket, jeans & those boots on, but the thing that will separate you from them is your accessories. A metal or silver ring talks about your personality. So, the question is which hand or finger is appropriate to wear it?

The answer is middle or ring finger of Right hand. If you wear a ring in left hand it gives a view that you are engaged.

One tip, wear only a single ring in each hand. Otherwise it will look silly.



#4. Bracelet

I think you probably may have some of it. If not, get them right way. You can choose some leather wraps or beaded ones, they look good both in casual & formals. Pair it with a great watch & you are a bad boy to perfection.




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#5. A leather jacket

Wanna be a bad boy without it? Impossible. It’s a signature stuff for it. A leather jacket with a t-shirt paired with jeans & boots. It just look so perfect.

You can experiment with your look like with you hair or beard to be different from the crowd because as i said there are many leather jackets out there.






You know girls are difficult to understand. They like bad boys but love good boys.

Let me explain, for just a relationship they want someone who can make they laugh, with whom they can go out to make their friends jealous but for a living they want a man they can trust & spend the whole life.

That’s why i stated, something that will both preserve your good boy & at the same time give you a bad boy touch.




“Be Your Good Version But With A Touch Of Bad Boy”




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