Maybe you’re not much worried about your skincare this summer, but the fact is you should be! Sun protection is a must for you if you’re a day working person.

Years prior you may think of going out in summers without any sun protection. But today due to our great contribution towards trees & nature, we have been able to slightly destroy our ozone layer that protects us from harmful UV rays Mr. Sun leaves on us.

And with that we are today more prone to sun exposure which can lead to sunburns, tan & many deadly diseases like skin cancer!

Therefore, it’s today a necessity to have some sun protection with you before you step out in sun. But you don’t have to stress about it as you can beat Mr. Sun quite easily & can enjoy your summers to the fullest.

Below are the only 5 things you need to step out in summer without any worries!

#1. Dr. Andrew Weil for origins


What, you know even better sunscreen than this? Maybe you know, but I promise you can’t get anything better than it this summer! The reason is your best sunscreen is not totally natural.

The main advantage of Dr. Andrew Weil for origins is that it’s 100% natural! So, you don’t face any skin related problems or infections.

It helps create a moisture barrier to boost skin’s resilience and help prevent the daily damage caused by pollution and other irritants.

Also, it comes with traditional plants and herbs combined with wellness and lifestyle techniques to optimize skin health from both inside out.

Here’s what company says of it, ‘ Gentle on skin? Check. Tough on environmental aggressors? You bet.



#2. Coolibar UPF women’s T-shirt


A T-shirt so soft yet such effective in sun protection, isn’t that cool!

It’s stylish, has UPF 50+! Is super soft against the skin, lightweight, cool and comfortable with the highest quality zinc oxide protection. Also, it’s easy to wash!

What more you want it to do for you. Okay, it is also able to block UVA and UVB and to treat mild skin irritations and burns — into every fiber.

All in all, it’s the best T-shirt you can get to both look stylish & at the same time be protected in summers!

To all my guys out there, I want to tell you that this is not yours! It’s for girls, yours is below!



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#3. Vapor apparel men’s T-shirt


Its got the look and feel of cotton coupled with superior wicking performance properties.

It too is really soft, doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything other than a normal T-shirt. Have UPF 50+ & light weight!

T-shirt is blessed with PURE-tech moisture-wicking technology, improve the body’s core performance as it moves perspiration away from the body, pushing it outside the shirt.

You’ll be amazed by its life, it lasts really well! I have it, and it’s my personal recommendation, you should definitely give it a try. It worth it!



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#4. ATTCL Unisex Wayfarer sunglasses


Okay, it’s not that I have chosen it because it can be used by both sex so that I don’t have to write about 2 different sunglasses. It’s because this is the best sun protection glasses i have found!

It is able to provide you 100% UVA/UVB protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

It comes in a variety of stylish designs to evoke that springtime and summer spirit.

You can take it outdoors and socializing on a spring break, at a happy hour, at the beach, partying or meeting out at the corner cafe.

It’s the high time to get this cool sun protection gear which your friends will not be able to resist anyway!




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#5. Lethmik quick dry sports cap


A cap is what you definitely need to prevent your head from Mr. Sun’s crisp rays. This cap can be a right sun protection for you to prevent your head from getting heat up!
The Precurved design keeps the sun away from your face and offers great protection from the damaging rays.

Very breathable and Quick-drying, It is a perfect cap for any kind of adventure sports you can think of!

It’s durable, made of 100% polyester fibre. Also, it has ‘one size fit all’ advantage so you don’t have to worry about your size!

Colour in black so is perfect for nearly any kind of clothing.

That’s all I can say, and ya just buy it right now!!




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It’s always better to have protection, but as nothing can be more protective than avoiding the sun itself, so try to avoid planning outings in day time. This will be your best sun protection!


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