Love it or hate it, but you can’t deny it! Selfies are here to stay and the pressure to take attractive yet effortless selfies is on.
Luckily, there are some Best Photo Editing Apps For Selfies which you definitely should check out, cause they can really level up your selfie game!





#1. Perfect 365





It’s a free download! The Instant Look panel offers 21 one-click treatments ranging from Organic, which subtly softens skin textures, to ones with names like Princess and Velvet with suitably decadent looks to match.

Most of these are for virtual makeup but others are more radical. It includes whiten teeth, enlarges and brightens eyes, slim face, lift cheeks and enhance nose.

Removing Circles and Soften Skin are the main functions of this software. It gives featureless lower eyelids and a supernaturally translucent sheen to the skin.









#2. Snapseed




The app is a smartly conceived image editor, providing a wide range of tools for reworking photographs.

This app has many unique options for editing and keeps a clean layout. This way, nothing is ever overcrowded or jumbled while editing.

Snapseed also allows you to easily change the level of features, such as brightness, by sliding your finger directly on the picture.








#3. Facetune 2.0




FaceTune 2.0, is a product of Israeli startup Lightricks. It comes on the heels of FaceTune’s massive success. It was the number 5 best-selling paid iOS app of 2015, a testament to how seriously we take our selfies.

The app itself is free but you’ll have to pay extra for all the cooler tools. Like $1.39 for the cleansing feature (bye, huge pores, which are essentially facial Felicitas) and $2.79 to get rid of blemishes and wrinkles.

It also got AI. AI allows you to control the lighting as you would in a controlled live studio with Relight. It simulates new lighting in one swipe.









#4. PicsArt




PicsArt is a popular, feature-rich photo editor that was formerly for Android phones only, but it’s now available for iPhone.

If you’re looking for the photo effects app that does it all, PicsArt Photo Studio might be right up your alley. But be warned that it can get a bit overwhelming.

There’s a PicsArt community too which has thousands of images to explore, so it’s a great place to browse if you’re looking for new ideas.








#5. B612



B612 is a selfie app made by Korean social messaging app LINE. And yes, the name is strange for a selfie app. The justification given by LINE was that it is named after a planet from the popular novella “The Little Prince”.

For one, it is so easy to use. Much like some Samsung phones, it allows you to take photos by tapping anywhere on the screen. This, according to LINE, helps indiscreet photo taking.

The flexibility that the app comes with also surprised me and kept me occupied as I played around with the options. It comes with several formats to choose from, such as the usual 3:4 ratio or 1:1 ratio that every Instagrammer craves, to templates that allow you to take up to 9 photos at a time in the same frame.






Those were the Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Selfies To Level Up Your Insta-game!! Feel free to share what apps you use, we would love to know your recommendations!!


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