The hunt was quite difficult as there are a ton of amazingly awesome speakers out there. But here i got the top 5 best blue tooth speakers you can get on the planet this year.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started!!





#1. UE Boom 2

The sound quality is just heart touching. It is waterproof, rugged, and offers a good wireless range.

UE has included a new feature to it. Pick it up and whack the top, and it skips to the next song. UE also added an accelerometer, so you can pause or skip songs by tapping the Boom 2.




The compact speaker sounds awesome and stands for more than 15 hours on a charge. And with that i think you can rock the party pretty good. It stands vertically, spreading stereo sound over a wide arc, and has a footprint about the size as your morning beer.



#2. JBL  Pulse 2


I bet you can’t get anything more funky & attractive than this at this range.

It has wireless Bluetooth capability allows you to take the JBL Pulse anywhere, as long as it’s charged and ready to go.

Battery life is around 10 hours for audio only, and about five hours with that accompanying light show. Pairing the JBL Pulse is quite simple and intuitive. You can pair multiple speaker to enjoy the party with your friends like it should be.


The speaker bags a Multi-LED light show with five pre-programmed display options.

Manual control lets you choose from seven different colors. The “pulse” visually takes your music to a whole new level. It definitely  is an eye-catching feature, and something that your friends will notice immediately.



#3. Bose Soundlink Mini 2


Its combination of small size, solid sound, and stylish look made it a popular choice. It comes with that excellent build quality, a uni-body aluminum enclosure, and it also includes a charging cradle that you can leave plugged in.

Bose is not new, it has a long history of creating high quality room filling sound. And with this it has set a new level of competition among its competitors.


While the original has a max battery life of 7 hours, the Mini 2 offers up to 10 hours of battery life. Also it’s easier to charge the speaker now.

The charging cradle is still included in case you like to keep the speaker in a dedicated spot when it’s not in use, but if you find yourself charging on the go, you’ll be glad to know that the SoundLink Mini 2 can now be charged via microUSB as well.



#4. JBL Charge 3


It delivered both the loudest volume and the boomiest bass as anyone can expect from JBL. It has a battery life up to 20 hours and incredible sound quality is a vast improvement over the JBL Charge 2. 



Its comes with a IPX7 splashproof and water resistant design which means you don’t have to worry about the rain or an outdoor adventure without any issues.

It also features an incredibly powerful battery which doubles as a power bank which means you also charge your devices on the go  while listening to your favorite songs.



#5. Fugoo Sport


The Fugoo’s ‘core’ speaker is packed with far more drivers than its rivals. It has six in total, with two tweeters, two mid/woofers and two passive radiators to provide its punchy sound.

 There are speakers literally all over this product resulting in 360 degrees of quality sound. Can you guess it’s battery life, it lasts 40 hours after you charge, isn’t that amazing.


Well, a lot of Bluetooth speakers claim to be splash proof or able to handle those occasional knocks, but there’s no competitor that can match the extremely ruggedized Fugoo.

It can withstand being completely submerged in water and, with the right jacket installed, it can survive being dropped and kicked around.



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