Being humans it is our nature to easily adapt to our surroundings, if you hang out with people sporting good values, you might soon duplicate their ways. Likewise, being with bad influences can mold us into equally evil minded or fake people.

It can be really hard to tell whether a person is genuinely good or just pretending to be one at the first meeting. The worst part is that you will only see someone’s true colors when it is already too late to get back the trust you’ve given.

But the good news is that there are ways to easily determine whether a person is fake or genuine. So look at these pointers listed below to keep yourself away from wrong people.



#1. They don’t try to make people like them, fake people try hard to make people like them




#2. They aren’t attention seeker, fake people are desperate for attention



#3. Genuine people don’t brag, fake people try to show off all the time




#4. They express their opinion openly, fake people gossip a lot



#5. They admire others & often praise them, fake people criticize others to make themselves look great




#6. They always try their best to keep up promises, fake people make commitments easily but seldom keeping them



#7. Genuine people are nice & helpful most of the time, fake are nice only when they have a hidden agenda



#8. They respect everyone, fake just respect people with power








How To Make People Want To Be Your Best Friend!


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