Since it’s the exam season, i thought it will be really helpful to write some beneficial things that one can keep in mind to perform his/her best in any test or exam!

Okay, let’s come to the point without wasting much time as i know you don’t have much!  Here is a article containing all the essentials to keep in mind before going for any exam.


#1. Be positive & stay calm


Whether you go for exams with a happy or irritated mood, exam will happen that’s for sure. But the thing is if you go with a happy & positive mind, you can stay calm & can give the paper with full concentration.

But with a irritated & worried mind, you can’t do much more than just thinking of what will happen if i don’t get the paper right! That’s why, instead of thinking of the after results of paper, give your 100% in study & face it out with full courage.

There will be many who will try to distract you before the exam begin, but show them that you’re scared of  it having that great smile on your face!


#2. Make sure to wear comfortable attire


If you’re going for a school test, its okay as you will have to appear the test in uniform which will be pretty comfortable. But if you’re in college or going for a job test, make sure you wear something that don’t disturb you in between.

You’re not going for a date, so spare your best clothes & go for something clean & comfortable like a t-shirt or a casual shirt with denim or something soft. 

In exam hall a minor distraction can get you forget the answer & in that condition i don’t think you want to be busy in fixing yourself every now & then.



#3. Eat a smart breakfast


And by that smart breakfast i mean something that is both nutritional & not too light or heavy. A diet which can give that energy to your brain to work for the whole exam duration.

You may have heard that breakfast should be heavy because after that long night your body deserves it. But i don’t know why many don’t  take this seriously, some even skip it during exams & ends up feeling sick.

Take care that you definitely add a bowl of cereal or egg with juice to your breakfast before heading for a exam. Also take care that you don’t have it over! As this can lead to acidity or other stomach related problems that can ruin your test.



#4. Don’t be late



Well, it might sound cool to be the last person to enter the exam hall but it’s really not! It has different disadvantages.

It can leave your bad impression on the examiner, he will always keep a keen look at you. It can be really bad for you in terms of those small advantages that you can take to see from others.

It’s other disadvantage is you’ll not be able to get the latest news about the exam that all will talk before exam if there’s any. It can be any correction or even some hint of questions that has a chance to appear in the exam.

In the worst case, you can have a chance to meet those typical strict examiners who will not allow you to sit in the exam if you be late. So, in order to escape from all this losses, keep your bad-ass version aside for the exams.


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#5. Do revision & warm up your brain


Suppose you get a map for a treasure but it is divided into several parts. One part of treasure is at a place, the other is somewhere else. You get them both, brought it together & assembled it to get the whole of it.

Here parts can be called as studying the matter & assembling them can be said as revision. As without assembling the part you can’t get the whole of treasure, similarly without revision your study is incomplete. 

When you revise anything that you learned earlier, you get the real benefit as it get stuck in your brain & the more you revise it, the more it will get! But there’s a time for it, revising whole night before an exam is a real idiotic thing. It is really essential to have that 6-8 hours of complete sleep before you appear that exam.

The best time to revise is at night before going to bed. It’s great because at night when you sleep with a revise of all topics, your brain takes it time &  feed all sort of information. And the next morning it is ready to hit that exam.


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#6. Get ready with things


I don’t think there’s anyone out there who has never forget something in a exam. Oh man, i remember those loneliness when i forget to keep that scale & no one was ready to give! It’s really embarrassing.

Its pretty essential to get all your necessary things ready at the night before the exam. Also for extra protection keep it in your backpack, so that you don’t miss out on them at the last moment.




Following these 6 tips listed above, my warrior you’re ready to hit that test right on it’s face…


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All the best for it, KILL IT!!

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