Certain details about your personality, such as your sex life, bad habits, etc. are better kept private unless you trust the person with whom you’re speaking.

Your problems are best resolved in the home; with your family or loved ones, not by a third person. Trust me not even your bestiest friend has any interest in your problems in certain circumstances.

There are a few things which one should always keep secret. This is so because telling the world about them just won’t bring you any good.

So, here are the 3 fields of your life you must keep up to you or only to your loved ones.





#1. Income



Nothing good can come from sharing how much you make. Other than your tax statement, a home loan or purchasing a new car, your salary should not be a topic of conversation and is best kept under wraps.

It can create an uncomfortable working environment and can bring about negative emotions from others who have had a longer tenure within a company, even more if they earn less than you.

Also, you will be judged by everything you spend and don’t spend your money on i.e. “You only donate that little to charity?” “How can you afford a $25,000 car when you only make $60,000 a year?” & many more like that!

So remember, The next time someone tries to dig compensation information out of you, stand strong and don’t reveal any details!





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#2. Love Life




Do you ever been part of an intimate relationship which you have discussed about within your social circle?

The idea seems pleasing, discussing about your relationship on social media being an interesting guy or girl. It may seem fun and harmless, yet there are certain parts of a relationship that shouldn’t be discussed with anyone besides your partner.

Intimate relationships are special because of the intimacy- a physical and emotional connection shared by two people. Not three, not four. Just Two!
Engaging in conversation with someone else about your sexual experiences or anything about your relationship that should be kept private robs the relationship of its intimacy.

Therefore, you shouldn’t discuss your love life with a third person aside from altercations that involve physical or emotional abuse, & intense relationship “fights”.






#3. Your Next Move



While some may say that being intentional and telling others what they’re doing is actually a form of accountability. But generally speaking though most times it is not in your best interest.
There is something to be said for the element of surprise and while details are still being hashed out, it’s important be quiet and allow things to unfold as they do.

As long as you’re revealing your future plans to ones you trust is okay, but let me warn you, the more people you run your ideas or goals by, the higher the chance the information will get into the wrong hands.

So, instead of roaring your next big plan just make it happen. It will do the job!





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