Do you think you know everything your girlfriend want. Ya i know she want a lot of things, but if you think you know everything she want, you might be wrong. There are so many things they love, but are too afraid to ask.

This are the things that separates a great boyfriend from a good boyfriend, a great bf takes the responsibility to recognize little hints & satisfy her girl to her limits.

So, my friend if you want to get your girl amazed, you gonna have a look at this. Below are the things that women love to do, but refrain from asking their partners.

#1. She like’s it when you take her pictures while she’s not aware

Do you have a phone, great!! Get her some mysterious pics of her, take pictures when she don’t notice & see the magic. You will be amazed by the attention & love you will get after doing this. Thank me later bro.


#2. She likes when you hug her & say i love you

Okay, i think not only her you too will like when she hugs you. Then what are you waiting for, go get her some tight ones but remember there’s a time when you can take up the opportunity.

Don’t overdo it hugging her everywhere, this can make her think of you as a Despo!

#3. She would love to be called by special nicknames

Do you have one for her, if yes great, but if not think of it. Make it a unique one which only you two can understand, it’s really fun calling each other with some funny but lovable names.

Definitely give it a try. One more thing, take it as a warning, never ever try to give your girl a nickname based on her looks. Doing that can lead to your red cheeks, you know what i mean.


#4. Women like blindfolding games

Oh… it’s a lot of fun my friend. Make your quality time a bit mysterious for her. You can go touching her in a fun way, play with scents or anything you like. Hey, you too can enjoy a lot being blindfolded, so don’t miss-out trying it.




#5. She likes lying under the sky watching stars & dozing off in your arms

This might sound a bit childish for some, but let me tell you this can work like magic. I am telling you from my personal experience, i too never believed it would be so amazing. Doing this can make your bond with her much stronger.

Girl in a relationship tries to find happiness in small things, accomplishing this few things i have listed you can make her feel you care about her a lot. And by that can will end up having an awesome relationship with her.

With that said, i think you have gained a lot of wisdom regarding winning a girl. You can also have a look at what women really find sexy in men

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