While we’re all taught not to judge a book by its cover, first impressions matter a lot though.

Women can be confusing,  one may like a man who takes control; another may say that being humble and laid-back is what turns her on. Luckily there are several tried qualities that most women find sexy.

Plenty of movies and men’s magazines will give you the idea that the hyper-masculine “manly man” is what makes women swoon, but when you ask actual women what they find attractive, you’ll find a lot of unlikely weird answers that is much different from what’s traditionally considered sexy in a man.

Here are six unexpected things women find sexy about men, but won’t tell it out:






#1. Your manners


Good behavior makes an impression on her.  Being good indicates that you will be a good mate, capable of protecting and caring for any offspring you could potentially have.

This is very attractive. This demonstrates that you are in control of your life. No one likes a show-off. Being modest is great, and attractive.







#2. Smell


The scent actually turn her on. Sweat, at a very basic level, is very attractive to women, these smells will mimic the natural smell that males produce and used lightly, will arouse some females.

 It triggers feeling of arousal in women. However, don’t go too far and stink. That’s repelling.


#3. Secrets


Women want to know your secrets and it’s no surprise we all do. Women is a creature who is always  eager to know more, it’s natural. The more you tell your secrets to her she will have more trust on you.


#4. Touch


Human touch is a powerful way to trigger feelings of attraction. Naturally touchy people have a lot more change of getting in a relationship than people who refrain from human contact.

This is important when you flirt with a girl. But remember they can make out whether a touch is genuine or malicious one so keep in mind you do it genuinely.


#5. Feminine side


Drop your tough guy look at times because the revelations were made in a Reddit thread asking women to name the ‘hard to find’ quality they’re attracted to, and a large proportion revealed that a man who is in touch with his feminine side is top of the list.


#6. Patience


Women like strong & silent men. Being relaxed shows a lot of confidence.

 Girls find men with a soft, calm voice attractive. But why? Because they are in control.

When it comes to patience, women don’t want a man who whines, complains, or always seems rushed and stressed out. Patient men more than often make for great fathers.





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