Nowadays, peoples more likely use to prefer contact lenses more than spectacles but there are some important things to keep in mind while handling these contact lens.
I am going to tell you how to make proper use and treat contact lens so you do not face any problems in using them.

1.Good quality lens

You should make sure that the lens are of good quality because in markets there are cheap lens which can be good for first use but after that it can cause irritation moreover they are not good for our,a good quality lens is most

2.Clean storage case

The lens storing case should be clean,every night when you take off lens and keep it in it.

3.Good quality lens water

There are varieties of it in market you can prefer anyone which is of great protein removing capacity(after every use some proteins get deposited in lens which needs to be cleaned).you have to keep in mind that lens water is to be changed after every use otherwise lens can be infected by bacterias.

4.Cleaning lens

After every use use have to clean the lens for this take off a lens from either eye on your palm drop some lens water in it and rub on both inside and outside the lens with your index finger(finger must be clean).

There are different type of lenses in market like daily,weekly,monthly and yearly so be careful while buying.

It is all you need to keep in mind to use contact lenses without any problem.

Hope this will be helpful for you guys…

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