There are certain things you may not even be aware of that women takes note of immediately and considers when she’s debating whether or not you’re a good match for her. Don’t worry; it’s not that hard. Really.

Here are some key things that they first look in you. Get them right & become her hero.

#1. Hair: Maybe because it is the topmost feature

Nearly 74% of girls agree that hair is one of the first things they notice about a guy. As per a survey, they are at least somewhat likely to go out with a guy if he has good hair.

This is because with a good hair-do you will feel in control of yourself and ultimately makes you look confident!



​Get Most Stylish Hairstyle By Following These Tips

#2. Vibe: Be charismatic and confident

Self confidence originates from both your conversations and body language. Position yourself straight, look in her eyes and face and your hands and legs must not trembling of nervousness.
Such practice sessions can help you a lot to act positive and be confident around attractive girls & that’s what ladies love.





6 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

#3. Color of your shirt/ T-shirt

Colors affect our mood and how we feel. Red, as we already know, is the color of passion, love and sexual desire. But that doesn’t mean you always have to wear it to get attention.

The game of attraction can be leveled up by playing with color in your wardrobe. This is why color is such an important part of not only establishing a mood but also the first thing people respond to in their overall judgment of whether a design is considered good or bad.




What Color You Choose Signifies Who You Are!



#4. Fitting of your pants: Trust me it matters a lot

One should be wearing just the appropriate fitting clothes to impress a girl. As per girls, it’s really unattractive when a guy looks uncomfortable in his own pants, and it’s really hot when a guy is at ease with his pants fitting & fashion picks.

Also, you’ll be self surprised at how great you can feel with clothes that fit well. Or you can find your own personality with a few of your own updates to your fit.

#5. Eyes: Eye color and response

The list can’t be complete without this! Without justification eyes can say more than a thousand words. An eye contact thus represents a complex information exchange. Together with flirt interest or when exploring flirt interest, this becomes much more intense.

With eye contact you can flirt with the girl without even saying a word. So keep these facts in mind and this will help you subtly flirt and attract someone you like.






#6. Lips: Lip movement and color of lips

Lips are one of the most erroneous and a beautiful part of a person. They speak volumes about the person’s character, his or her well being, the care they take themselves to keep the lips in good shape and health etc.

That’s why it’s pretty important to keep the lips moisturized & protect it from sun as much as you can to make them look pinkier & fuller!





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6 Things That Makes You Feel Attracted To Someone!


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