Do you know what you stand for, or what your values are?

A self respecting person is who knows what they worth & what their words stands for. So, if you are a self reputed person, below are a few things which you don’t tolerate.

If you’re not a self reputed person, you can still learn what these people don’t tolerate that puts them so high in status & social fares!

So, if you’re ready, let’s get into it…






#1. A negative view of themselves


It’s obvious, when I say a self reputed person it means a person who respects every bit of him/her. That’s why, there’s no chance they see their negative side.

And this works wonder for them! As they stay so confident about themselves, they easily crack deals & grab some great respect from others.

Look, how the people will treat you can be decided by how you treat yourself!

Treat yourself how you wanna be treated by others & start observing the magic.

So that’s something we should learn from these self reputed buddies & not just underestimate ourselves!







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#2. Neglect their health


They give their body the time it require to stay fit. They put themselves on the healthiest diet & avoid eating much of junk as they know it’s not good for their body.

Self reputed person keep their bodies on regular workout, that intense at which they feel satisfied that they are doing enough to keep their body fit.

They know the fact, ‘ Body is the biggest asset so don’t be too cheap to invest in it’.

So, if you’re lagging with your health, start working on it right now!





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#3. Relying on other’s opinion


Sure, they take advice from others, but they just don’t follow them immediately!

They put a full discussion over it with themselves whether it’s right or wrong and not follow them just because their brother or relative has thrown a great idea.

They are also not afraid to put their opinions in a group. If they think they can help out someone with their knowledge they just give their thoughts on it.

That’s what a self reputed person do & if you wanna be a one, don’t hesitate to help others. Have faith on ‘Karma’.





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#4. Dominating a relationship


They respects other person’s value, and don’t force them to do anything they don’t wanna do.

They give their enough time to the relationship not just something easy to forget but a time that their partner can’t forget about easily.

Self reputed person also don’t ask their partner to always follow themselves, in other words they give them their ‘me time’ too!

That’s how they deal their relationships. Easy, Simple & Smooth!








#5. Uncomfortable in their skin


Do you feel uncomfortable in public places or get nervous while talking in a group?

If yes, you gotta learn how to be confident to your best.

Self reputed person are not just respected uselessly, they are respected because of their ability to lead the conversation & their ability to fearlessly present themselves in front of anyone!

Look i have a complete article on how to built a such self confidence that can help you speak in front of anyone. You can check it by clicking on the poster below!




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#6. Working at a soul sucking job


They don’t work just for money! No matter what the amount is, they just can’t go against their esteem.

They follow their passion & are not afraid of failures. And that’s the spirit that takes them so far to stand out of the crowd, on the stage.

Yes, they become some of the most successful persons. Not because they have confidence but because they follow their passion.

Answer me, for how long you can do a job you don’t like doing, maybe a year or few. After that it will definitely lead to crisis.

So the thing here to learn is don’t just follow what your parents are telling you to do with your life, take the control & follow your passion.





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“If You Take Care Of Your Character, Your Reputation Will Take Care Of You”

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