Being happy is a art, not everyone can master this! But once anyone knows the secret to to happy, their lives become heaven.

If you too wanna live a life full of happiness, below are the 6 Things Happy People Never Forget To Practice!

#1. Happy people devotes a greater amount of time to family and friends



Families are where we learn values, skills, and behavior. Strong family relationship  manage and controls our learning experiences. They establish a pattern of home life. Research shows that spending time with friends and family makes a big difference when it comes to happiness. 

Spending time with Family & friends is one of the few pleasures in life that can cost you very little, but reward you substantially. It is also proven to be one of the best ways to combat stress.

If you’re not good at keeping relations you can at least give a try, it could be as simple as inviting friends over to watch the Super Bowl or having your spouse look after the kids so you can go out for coffee.





#2. They imagine the future with great optimism




There are evidence of a direct positive effect  on health-related biology by being optimistic, such as lower salivary cortisol, improved cardiovascular function (including blood pressure and heart rate) and immune system function.

This thus alleviate your mood & you start to imagine a brighter future in which you are your best self and your circumstances change just enough to make this best possible life happen.  

Optimism also plays an important role in healthy ageing and are associated with improved physical and cognitive health outcomes.





#3. Happy people stays committed to lifelong goals and ambitions





By being connected to something that is bigger than yourself you create more focus in your life. Knowing that you’re living your higher purpose will make you happier, even during times of struggle and uncertainty.

And while that makes sense, to succeed involves hard work and effort. An important part of ambition is understanding what success means to you!

If you measure success in terms of the accumulation of money, material goods and fame then you may end up sacrificing your relationships, health and integrity. In this case I can’t see someone be happy and ambitious. You have to be ambitious for sure but only for a thing you’re passionate about!




8 Best Ways To Get Inspired!


#4. They’re always willing to help at the drop of hat

Group of people on peak mountain climbing helping team work , s


Helping others makes us feel, we’re making a positive difference in this world.  So it’s not surprising that several studies have shown how helping others can boost our sense of happiness.

Helping others releases endorphins which, in turn, improves mood and boosts self-esteem. Overall it alleviates person’s mood & make them feel happy. So, ya helping others does more for the happiness of the person helping than the person who receives the help.




#5. Happy people enjoy almost everyone’s company





Making others feel important satisfies the deepest subconscious cravings of human nature.

Look, if your respect people it’s pretty obvious they’ll respect you too! And everything a person does or says that raises our self-esteem causes us to like and respect ourselves more. 

As a result, we feel positive that makes us feel better & stay happy.The golden rule is, develop the habit of speaking and acting that makes people feel important and valuable.





#6. They enjoy sharing their thoughts


Sharing is something that is the basis for all human relationships and all civilizations. The act of sharing thoughts elicits a positive response that will make you happier.


Talking about something makes you see things in a different light and helps you sort things out. it’s the same for feelings. Telling somebody that you are sad can take some of the sadness away and sharing joy will add more joy.

Just the act of acknowledging your feelings and making them known is very healthy and the first step in changing your life. So, now you know why you should always interact & share your thoughts with others!




Sure, Happy people can get sad, upset, and depressed as much as the next person. The difference is they are able to get over it. They are able to bounce back and become their positive selves all over again.




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Harvard On How To Live A Happy Life!


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