Erasing negative thoughts and influences can be challenging, especially when you are surrounded by negative individuals or if you have established a base of negative habits.

The main reason for negativity in life is because of negative thoughts. The first step to live positively is by removing all the negativity from your life, If you’re surrounded by negativity, then how can you expect to have a positive and joyful life?

I can do it

There’s a simple trick you may use to get rid of negativity. Whenever negative thoughts come to your mind smile and laugh, be positive and act positively as often as you can. It not seem much effective but believe me it does.

The second most important reason of negativity is  avoiding change. We all know that change is hard. I fully believe change is good for you.

Even when it seems tough, you are learning and growing as a person. Change happens slowly, but it happens.

Change is actually good for us in both our personal and professional lives since it makes us more flexible, exposes us to new experiences and people, and opens up the doors to more opportunities.

Here are 4 simple tips which can help you stay positive:






#1. Logic


Don’t let emotions carry you away, restrict it  with logic. One of the most important things in living a positive life is to develop a Never-Say-Die spirit.

Don’t let your mind control you, be the master of your own mind. So, whenever any negative thought knocks you, ask yourself the logic behind it whether it is good for me or not?


#2. Be a friend to yourself

man in front of his mirror silhouette

It’s our own minds, so often, that defeat us. We say things to ourselves and tear ourselves down. The self-talk that we use on ourselves absolutely drains us.

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem is very typically an outgrowth of too much negative self talk too often. Speak to yourself & advise yourself that you deserve to be treated well.


#3. Emotions


Learn to identify each emotion, no matter how minute it may be!

 When you take on new challenges, you get the opportunity for new successes which, in turn, bring greater self-esteem, emotion toward it and a raised sense of self-worth; all of which are essential components of positive living.


#4. Problem solving


Recognizing the problem is a vital part of the solution. Imagining only about the pain involved is bad. 

Developing strategies to get out of a difficult situation is helpful. Sometimes, it’s best to recognize the negativity pervading our life, admit it, and then decide that it no longer has a place in our lives.






Sometimes, the only thing you have with you is your attitude and how you make the best of what happens to you.

 Leading a positive life is a must, if you want to deal with the day to day challenges. A life full of negativity, worries and mental blocks can help you get ill more quickly. And it is not that worrying or being negative will change things.


Having goals to work towards can make us more positive. When we feel stagnant and unconfident, it’s a lot easier to see the bad parts of life.

One thing which a person can do is to try and ensure that he or she focuses on doing activities which help increase the feeling of well-being, and bliss and tranquility.






” There Can Be No Positive Result Through Negative Attitude. Think Positive. Live Positive”






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