Having knowledge in a variety of subjects doesn’t necessarily mean one is of a higher intellect, sometimes it comes down to how our brains work.

You may think that a high IQ and bilingual tongue are sure signs of intellect but experts have shared the genuine signs of  intelligence – and they’re rather surprising. 

While we all like to believe that we possess high levels of intelligence, deciphering the competence of our brain power can be tricky. Many people turn to IQ Tests, which use tasks to measure various areas of intelligence.


As per Albert Einstein, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

So, if you’re not too sure about your own intelligence, it actually might be a indication that you’re pretty intelligent.

Here are some signs that will help you find whether you are intelligent or not:

#1. Curiosity


People who ask smart questions are smart. Intelligent people let themselves become fascinated by things others take for granted.

Those with a hungry mind generally have higher levels of intellectual investment and knowledge acquisition over time.







#2. Wisdom


Highly intelligent people are the first ones to say “I don’t know.”

Highly intelligent people understand that it is impossible to know everything about everything. When asked a question that they don’t know the answer to, they might say “I don’t know.” because they know what they don’t know.






#3. Vocabulary

Better use of vocabulary, not big words, but how they structure their sentences. Truly intelligent people have a brain that is quicker than their mouth.

They know single words can carry enormous expressive power, and if you use words with discipline you can run circles.





#4. Banter


Smarter people are rated as funny. They have quick sense of humor. There is a strong connection between being funny and having high scores in both verbal intelligence and abstract reasoning.

According to multiple studies, being inclined to comedy has been linked to having above-average intelligence. It appears that your witty banter is the product of a sharp mind.








#5. Doubt

The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering!

Research showed that people who tended to worry and ruminate a lot scored higher on measures of verbal intelligence, while people who didn’t do much worrying or ruminating scored higher on tests of nonverbal intelligence.


#6. Maturity

Though young, a sense of understanding beyond their years. Intelligent people recognises that they have made mistakes – and learn from them quickly.  Maturity comes from wisdom, deep thought and life experience.







Intelligence comes in all shapes and sizes. You never want to sell yourself short or feel that you’re less intelligent than you really are. That’s not beneficial for anyone. 

People often think that they aren’t smart simply because they don’t fall into a specific category; that’s not true at all!


If you don’t see yourself as an intelligent person then you are self responsible, what you think of yourself you become the exactly same person. So, it depends on you what you tell yourself. If you say you are a genius you are, if not you are not.





The Mind Is Everything. What You Think You Become “

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