Only 10 percent of disease is caused by genes—some of which we can turn on and off—and the other 90 percent is a lifestyle.

That means we actually have an extraordinary amount of control over the length of our healthspan (years of good health) and the way we age, both from the inside and outside.

Below are some tricks to stay young and beautiful forever!





1. Keep yourself hydrated





Yes, it is a proven fact that drinking sufficient amount of water is the natural way of taking care of your skin and health.

Water flushes out toxins from your body which helps to control wear and tear of your skin. So the next time you are thirsty, try to have water over other carbonated drinks.





2. Clear the makeup




Of course, makeup helps in hiding the flaws on your face but do not go overboard with it. Too much makeup can actually make you look fake and you know this l ladies, men really do not appreciate too much makeup either.

Do not forget to remove the makeup with the help of a good cleanser or baby oil before sleeping.






3. Always wear a good sunblock




If someone has ever advised you to invest in a good sunscreen, then that is indeed, a perfect advice. The maximum damage done to the skin is because of exposure to the sun.

Exposure to the sun results in premature sagging of skin and also culminates in wrinkles, two things which are concrete signs of aging.


5 Mind-boggling Tips To Reduce Wrinkles & Aging!




4. Stay fit



The best way to look young is to maintain your fitness levels. No no, we are not asking you to spend hours together in the gym.

Fitness is all about eating right and maintaining a regimen of daily exercise. Try to balance a healthy diet with some amount of exercise, whatever suitable, every day.





5. Avoid stress




This may look difficult to do but then if you can master the art of keeping stress at bay, early signs of aging may also stay away from you.

Too much stress has a bad effect on our body as well as on our skin which makes you look older than you actually are.




6. Have a good sleep




If you are not getting the right amount of sleep, it is bound to show on your face. You must realize the changing needs of the body and give it enough rest to keep yourself away from an aging skin.



These were the 6 easy tips To Stay Young & Beautiful Forever!! Feel free to share your personal Young & Beautiful tips in the comments below.





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