Whether you wanna impress someone, crack a deal with a investor or just want to improve your status, in all cases table manners are essential!

Your table manners speak volumes about your social skills and confidence level. Which thereby decides your standard.

I don’t think you wanna set a low standard of yourself in front of someone you wanna impress!

Tell me, do you feel confident sitting next to a group of high status people on dinning table?

We all hesitate a bit & in it, good table manners can make for a more pleasant meal.

Basic table manners should never be underestimated. Here are some essential table manners you must know-



#1. Place your napkin on your lap




#2. Don’t start early



#3. Pay attention to the host




#4. Avoid jumping on far dishes, rather ask to pass it from a nearby person




#5. Take just a average sized serving



#6. Bring food to your mouth, not your mouth to the food




#7. Eat from the outside in



#8. Eat with your mouth closed



#9. Don’t talk in between



#10. Use knife or fork



#11. Use words like Thank You, Please, Excuse me!



#12. Don’t be busy with your phone



#13. Talk to people, not when they’re busy eating but in between!




#14. Follow ‘No elbow on table’ rule!




#15. Avoid touching your hair




#16. And lastly, be aware of the dress code




You will definitely take some time to learn these skills! But once you get these right, you can be one of the smartest & highest status person in your group.

After a short practice you might find that these table manners are now incorporated in your system.

And with it, whether you’re at an elegant dinner party or eating at a 5-star restaurant, you can show your knowledge of proper etiquette without being intimidated.




“Good Manners & Kindness Are Always In Fashion”




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