The Best Paleo Meal Plan, What You’ve Been Looking For!!

What Is Paleo?

The Paleo Meal Plan can be a great option for people who struggle to improve their health and lose some undesirable fat. You can eat foods such as fish and seafood, roots, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, eggs, grass-fed beef and poultry, and healthy oils with Paleo.

It’s loaded with stuff that you already like while cutting out the typical artificial and overly processed foods in your diet …. that would include most bread, crackers, chips, sweets, cold & hot cereals, etc.

Carissa Alinat, a nurse practitioner and weight loss expert, visited Critical Bench to talk to Coach Chris Wilson and shared her personal experience with the paleo diet that helped her maintain her current weight for years now after losing 70 lbs.

Why Paleo?

The PALEO MEAL PLAN is for you if your goal is to lose some unwanted fat and become healthier by cutting out processed foods. The paleo diet is a long – term solution because it is sustainable, unlike many other diet programs that seem temporary or have a bunch of shakes and bars to get you through.

Real all round foods that taste good while minimizing the amount of “junk” food in your diet. It’s basically about removing processed and artificial foods and getting back to eating as it was a couple of hundred or a few thousand years ago.

Of course, temporary diets help with goals of weight loss of 10 – 20 lb, but then you go back to eating as you once did, gaining all the weight back and repeating the cycle itself.

Your best bet is to eat paleo 80-90 percent of the time, have your cheat meals (or cheat days every 7 days) and stick to the paleo guidelines for the rest of your life to optimize your health and really get into the best shape of your life. This consistency will necessarily lead to improved health, increased levels of energy, and weight loss.

Paleo Meal Plan Health Benefits:

#1. Of course Weight-loss

One of the first noticeable results of being on the paleo meal plan is a loss of excess fat as the body begins converting stored fat into energy. Failure to replace processed foods with all natural foods will automatically lead to an increase in metabolism rates.

People on the paleo diet generally feel less hungry to lose weight and do not suffer from sugar cravings. In the end, you eat healthy while simultaneously burning fat. While paleo diet health benefits to losing weight are an incentive for this strict diet, overall health benefits are encouraging.

#2. Other Health Benefits

These natural foods are recognized, together with weight loss, for their support in stabilizing blood pressure and cholesterol to healthy levels while increasing energy. A task that the body can not do when overloaded with processed foods and sugar. The distinct health benefits of this unique diet are a stronger immune defense in the fight against illness and disease. Thus eliminating many health risks that are so widespread today.

For whatever reason you choose to be on a diet that originated thousands of years ago, your health and vitality will be greatly improved by natural foods alone.

#3. Helps Control Food Choices

Is the diet too narrow? At the very beginning, it may seem like that, but after a while, most people come to realize that their body does not really need or even want these outlawed foods.

Eating repetitive foods is typical for anyone to get bored, so diversifying your food choices as much as possible is helpful. The paleo diet really has a wide selection of foods to choose from after all, which is healthy and nutritious for your body.

The Paleo Meal Plan:

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