Test whether you’re up to the mark with your life or not! Maybe some have told you,’you’re doing well’ but you know how people are. So, are you really playing the game right!

Below is a list of 6 things you will need to get started on, to live your life in that pretty good way.



#1. You’re genuine


You’re genuine in every situation, in every negotiations even if there’s someone wrong in your family arguing with an outsider, you do justice by being genuine.

And the most importantly you’re genuine to yourself! You don’t fake emotions & be your true self.

You first think of providing values to people rather than earning in business, if yes then you’re genuine & it’s among the cases in which most get immense success.

If you have this quality, you’re doing doing pretty well in life.




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#2. You have someone to love


Do you know love is by far the most effective & easy way to stay motivated!

If there’s someone whom you love, you automatically get motivated to do better in life for yourself & for them!

Maybe your friend, parent, pet or anyone special! You’re doing well in life if there’s someone who loves you & you love them too.

It’s also the biggest support to an individual in those unfavorable situation. They help you come out of it motivating you to keep doing well in life!




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#3. You’re working to improve yourself daily


Peep into yesterday or some days before, are you still dealing with the same problem you were a few days before?

If yes then my friend, you’re missing a key component of doing well in life!

You, i & all humans make mistake but the one who learns from them & never let them happen again get success.

As it is said, ‘Failures is simply an opportunity to begin again intelligently’. So, if you’re learning new things & from your previous failures, trust me you’re doing really well in life.




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#4. You dream big


You have a vision for your business or anything that you wanna build big! If it goes like this that whenever you achieve a new milestone, you look even further to achieve bigger.Then you’re doing hell well in life.

If you have a dream project you want to come alive & you work effortlessly for it! There’s no chance you will fail accomplishing it.

So, if you have big dreams with you, you’re not just playing good but great in life!






#5. You travel different state or country


Travelled around your nearby states & places! If yes, you’re okay, if not you’re missing out a lot more than you think!

Look, you have this really small life so please don’t waste it in your room & office always. Don’t be a tight lipped person who feels shy in public & suffers motion sickness going just a few miles across. Enjoy life to the fullest!

Sure, work is necessary but just think why do you work? To enjoy your life! So why not do it right away.

Plan vacations for yourself, give yourself that ‘Me-time’. You’ll be amazed by this time investment you done on yourself.




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#6. You have a roof


A house is the most basic need you should have to be a person on his/her feet. No matter small, medium or massive. If you have it, you’re doing well in life.

Also in our society, having our own house itself is a massive sign that you’re doing well in life! But this doesn’t mean, just to fake people you should buy a bungalow.

Have your limits, it’s only a house though so choose something in which you can feel comforted, that’s it!

And if don’t have enough to buy any, have patience. Don’t spend your principal amount in buying a big liability.



So, what do you found! Do you miss out in any of those? Not a problem at all!

The thing is, now you know your mistakes & what you don’t have. And with that you will surely make your life work out well!!


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