Why Do We Have Eyebrows?!!

From the time humans evolved, our body hair and facial hair have diminished over time. But eyebrows and eyelashes remained a core part of our features. Of course, there’s a biological or functional reason to the question, “why do we have hair above and around our eyes?” They have following Read more…

By Rohit Sahu, ago

How Does Music Affects Our Food Order?

Do you know why most restaurateurs give little thought to the background music they play. It may surprise you but music plays a massive role in how much you’ll enjoy your meal. Restaurants and supermarkets use this ambient music strategically to influence consumer buying behavior. They knew the secret that Read more…

By Rohit Sahu, ago

Read This & Change Your Life!

“Once you become awesome at something, use your new LEARNING ABILITIES to become awesome at something else” You can expand and grow in countless ways. Especially after you learn the process of learning. You can take all of your experience becoming great at something, and quickly become proficient at that Read more…

By Rohit Sahu, ago
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