If you’re a regular traveler, you know the Transportation Security Administration’s carry-on rules. But if you’re new & wanna know a few things that they don’t want you to take yourself with, here’s a list of 10 surprising things not allowed on planes.

Of course, the Transportation Security Administration has a detailed list of the items not allowed on board but their are also certain things that are not listed & are also not allowed. So, must go through them!




#1. Peanut butter



In your eyes it’s a good but TSA (Transportation Security Administration) considers it as a liquid which you’re restricted to anything less than 3.4 oz/100 ml allowed.

But no worries, TSA allows jars, but it’ll have to be less than the allowed limit. So, you’ll be better off scooping some peanut butter into a small container instead of bringing a full jar on board.




#2. Throwing stars




They’re classified as sharp objects which is the reason why they are one of the items not allowed in your carry-on bag. The TSA don’t want anyone to show their martial arts skill on plane! So they had restricted this item along with any other martial arts weapon.




#3. Bear spray



Okay, a bottle of bear spray less than 100 ml should be good to go right? Nope, bear spray is banned by the TSA since it’s considered a weapon.

It is believed to cause damage to the health of passengers and the crew if it were sprayed in the cabin.




#4. Christmas crackers



Yes you can guess why they banned this! Christmas crackers create a mild “bang” or “pop” when splitting apart, so it could easily be confused for some kind of explosion.




#5. Golf clubs



I understand golf clubs are valuable, and you don’t want to check them, but they’re a banned item. No matter how good you’re at convincing, the TSA will not allow you to enter the plane with your golf clubs.

And if you’re worried about damage, invest in a good case for your clubs so you can fly stress-free.




#6. Spray paints



To all the artists out there, airlines don’t get your talent, lest you decide to spruce up those plane interiors with a dash of color.

So, let the artist inside you show the skills on ground only & not on board.




#7. Fertilizers


The ammonium nitrate in some versions of fertilizers can be an ingredient for bombs. Believe it or not, fertilizers can be an explosion risk. So, avoid any fertilizers with you because ya I know you don’t want it for making bombs but the TSA don’t!





#8. Gel heating pads



As you may know, liquids are not allowed on plane & the gel inside these heating pads is essentially a liquid, so you won’t be able to carry a heating pad that big in with your carry-on.




#9. Pepper spray


Any mace or pepper spray needs a safety mechanism preventing it from spraying, and it can’t contain more than 2 percent tear gas.

All in all you just can’t have a pepper spray in your handbag or luggage.




#10. Cigarette lighter



It is not allowed for obvious reasons, as what they say, ‘you can’t take any objects in your hand baggage that could cause injury to yourself and other passengers’.

Yes, you can take a lighter on the plane. But no more than one. So, take care of it!





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